Ask any nutritionist which is the most important meal in the day. Everyone will tell you that is the breakfast. But why is like that and what will happen to our organism if we continuously skip it?

 It’s simple! If you don’t put fuel in your car, you will hardly move from one place to another. The same is happening with our body! Our body “wastes” nutrients from the food that we consume. When we start our day without having breakfast, our body has to focus on stored reserves of glucose and fat. For “healthy” person it is not so bad, unless skipping breakfast becomes a habit. This is actually very bad for chronically ill persons, especially for those suffering from diabetes.

Many people have extremely bad trick in the morning. They want to “fool” the hunger so they will take something sweet, and then continue with the day until the next meal which is few hours later. Even if the lunch is healthy, eating sweets for breakfast in not good idea. It increases the sugar level in the blood which will rapidly “fall”. Therefore, we are in worst situation.
People suffering from diabetes have to avoid sugar but if they took something sweet for breakfast the risk of hypoglycemia is bigger and the symptoms are blurred vision, sweating, feeling thirsty.


Having breakfast is extremely important because our body used all nutrients during the night.

If we often skip this step, our body will use all our reserves so we will often feel tired, without energy, without concentration, pressure in our chest etc.
If you have these symptoms, do not skip breakfast. It’s much better to wake up 15 minutes earlier and to take healthy breakfast. The day will be better.

What does it mean good or healthy breakfast?

According to nutritionists, it consists of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins, and these are just some of the suggestions for perfect breakfast:

1. Wholemeal bread with some veggie spread, combined with salad.
2. Cereals, oat flakes with almond milk
3. Eggs with salad.


Another major problem appearing when people do not take breakfast is that they tend to have bigger dinner. But our body “stops” with digestion at 22 o’clock and our stomach doesn’t produce the acid so the food can be easily digested.

The most helpful advice that we can give is the following:

First one glass of water on empty stomach and then one of the suggested healthy breakfasts for great day. The lunch is your choice. For dinner choose easy food and try not to eat after 22h. Your organism will work like a clock!


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