You love eating fruits? here are 4 things you should know

We all read lately articles about irregular fruits consumption and bad influence of fructose.

Some people believe that fructose from fruits can cause increased level of triglycerides and other unhealthy blood lipids. They at the end can cause heart diseases.

However, we can all enjoy eating natural desserts without fear, if we follow these four rules:

Consume with moderation!

It is important to realize that the healthy choice of fruits doesn’t include the tasty and sweet marmalade, dried fruit or juices. They all have high concentration of natural and added sugar. They are considered more like sweets, desserts than natural fruit. Dried fruit for example is rich in chemicals like sulfur dioxide which keeps the natural color of the fruit and makes it even tastier. So if you eat fig marmalade or dried banana with cereals for breakfast, don’t eat too much because it’s not the same natural sugar that you eat from fresh fig or banana.


Try to avoid fruits loaded with sugar

Grapes, mango, banana are more than delicious but also loaded with sugar, especially with fructose. So treat these fruits more like dessert and instead try to eat mango, coconut or strawberries for example. They are perfect combination because they are rich in fiber and low level of sugar.

Combine fruits with proteins and fat

Combine fruits with proteins and fat

If you “correctly” combine fruits with healthy fat and proteins, you will take and absorb all nutrients and you will avoid the sugar overloading. For example, when you eat apple, put some almond butter on the top and enjoy in the healthy dessert. Or try to mix almonds with orange. Put some berries in you yogurt pot.

Do not believe in stories that fruits is harmful for your health

Like everything else in our lives, too much of everything is too much! Everything that we consume, make, eat, drink and it’s above the normal line, can be harmful for our health. Consuming with moderation is the key of balanced healthy life. Few slices of fruit containing more sugar will satisfy the daily need of nutrients and fiber and will give you enough calories.


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