The 5-Minute Yoga Exercises That Help Restore Thyroid Levels

Exercising yoga has gained popularity these days. Maybe yoga exercises cost a lot, but everyone will give money to do exercises that will disappear or relieve the stress.
But you don’t need to visit these yoga studios if you want to practice yoga. You can simply do it at your home and obtain the same benefits.
Besides bringing physical benefits, yoga is a spiritual and mental practice that positively affects our wellbeing.

Yoga Exercises

Is It Worth It?

The experts are examining the mental and physical effect of yoga. However, these experts don’t manage to come up with a definite answer. Many studies claim that yoga helps heal your psyche. Other studies suggest that yoga is very beneficial for treating problems associated with the thyroid.
The most important gland in our body is the thyroid. It has various functions. This gland is connected to other glands in the body as well as the immune system. Also, it is responsible for the regulation of the body temperature and the way stress influences our well-being.

The toxic elements in our environment can disrupt the function of the gland. So, instead of treating the problems with prescription pills, try yoga poses which can balance the production of your thyroid hormone. It will improve your well-being.

These 2 yoga exercises are best:

Sarvanga Asana

Sarvanga is translated as “entire body” and the word asana means still. This yoga pose is very effective for keeping your posture straight. It refreshes your thyroid and improves your blood flow.
Your body is an upside-down position, so the pressure on the nervous system and throat can boost the activity of the sarvanga and pineal glands and improve your health in general.
You should lie down on the back with your legs together. Lift them in a direction to the ceiling. Put the hands on the lower back when lifting the hips off the floor. Make sure not to rush. Support your back with your elbows.
In this position, the thyroid is pressed to your chin. Make sure to maintain a straight line with your body. Don’t forget to take deep breaths.

Matsya Asana

This yoga pose, translated as “swimming fish in water”, is perfect for your thyroid gland. Despite improving the function of your thyroid, Matsya Asana also has a positive effect on your central nervous system. You should lie down in a dorsal position, cross your legs to switch the lotus position.
Lift your back off the floor and push the top of the head into the floor in order to form an arch with your body.



Source: NaturalCuresAndHomeRemedies

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