How Yoga Can Change Your Posture and Life?Read This True Story

Yoga is mental, physical and spiritual practice for everyone, no matter how old we are! The age isn’t an obstacle if we want to learn new things and practicing certain disciplines.

People who constantly want to improve the quality of their life without limits, however, have shown that we can work to be better and healthy at any stage in life. The age is not an obstacle.

The woman who is 87 years old is the most recent example. Besides the suffering from chronic diseases, she actually made the decision to learn and practice yoga as therapy for her ailments.

Her story has traveled and touched the entire world. It provides the benefits of this great therapy as well as the ability for elderly adults to do exercise.

This is the story of how yoga changed an elderly woman’s life…

story of how yoga changed

Anna Pesce began to change her lifestyle when she was 86 years old. She was looking for an effective treatment for the severe kyphosis that ailed her.

This condition causes the spine to be  permanently curved. So, gradually on her back she had formed a hump that was accompanied by lots of pain.

This disease, which appears as a result of osteoporosis, scoliosis, and herniated discs, limited her everyday movements. It made her feel constantly tired.

Although she had been suffering for decades, Anna had failed to find a way to cope with her symptoms without affecting her quality of life.

Since she was first diagnosed, she took therapies like exercise with physiotherapy, acupuncture, and osteopathy. These therapies did soothe her pain but they were never enough to make her feel whole and healthy again.

yoga training

Some people were concerned that it wasn’t a healthy practice for her age. But Professor Rachel Jesien, a yoga specialist for recovery, motivated her and started teaching her classes once a week.

Anna could feel that she was gradually improving at walking and, only in one month, she could take steps again without difficulty.

In two months, her pain began to disappear, and after a year of regular classes she has now decided to practice yoga every day.

At 87 years old, her back is no longer bent.

She regained her mobility in a way that many people think it is a “miracle,” and she’s more alive than ever.

Her recovery serves as a hopeful message for everyone. It’s never too late to start doing the things that can change your life. In addition to that, her story makes it clear that every individual is different. Therefore, you need to find the right treatment for what ails you.


While there are many options of therapies and remedies, sometimes what makes one good for one person isn’t the best for another.

If you experiment and analyze in details your body’s needs, you’ll find the right one to keep you healthy and in good shape for many years.

More than just a practice or an exercise, people consider yoga to be a healthy lifestyle. It cures, cares for, and strengthens our mind and body.

People in India practice yoga for centuries. It has become one of the most popular disciplines for spiritual and physical fitness.

Although in Hinduism, yoga is part of the spiritual, religious and cultural tradition, the practice has crossed borders and has become a therapy for health.

Each yoga session lasts between 1h or 1h30, although some practice it for less time.

The postures are frequently accompanied by breathing exercises and varying degrees of difficulty.

Most classes begin with a short warm-up called a “sun salutation,” reaching up and gradually descending to warm up the muscles and joints.

The session ends with a complete relaxation that lasts between 10 – 15 minutes. It aims to restore calm to your mind and body.

People can practice yoga in a specialized gym or fitness center. Beginners should be supervised by an expert, because poor posture can lead to injuries.

After you master the poses and learn the correct techniques, everyone can do it, no matter where you are.

After reading about how yoga changed this special woman’s life, do you feel inspired to practice this discipline?


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