Which Diet is Ideal According to Your Blood Type?

The relation between the food and blood type is based on antigens.  Consuming food with lectins which are not compatible with blood type antigens can lead to different reactions in our organism.

Proper way of food consumption by blood type provides: prevention of diseases (cancer, cardio-vascular diseases, and diabetes), slower aging process, and losing weight (cleans our organism from toxins and fat).

In fact, in the food consumption by blood type, there are 16 different categories:

  • Meat and poultry
  • Sea food
  • Milk and eggs
  • Oils and fat
  • nuts and seeds
  • beans and legumes
  • cereals
  • bread and bakery products
  • pasta
  • fruit
  • vegetable
  • herbal teas
  • spices and
  • mixed drinks

For every blood type, there are actually ingredients that are recommended, neural or to avoid. Then, there is a list of food for certain use (to melt fat and lose weight, for disease treatment etc.)

blood group

Blood Type “O” (hunter – gatherers)

Their food consumption should consist of meat and vegetable. They should actually pay attention when consuming beef, lamb, turkey, chicken meat and fish. They can eat all types of fruit and vegetable, legumes. They should avoid milk and milk products, bread and pasta made of wheat and corn.

Blood type “A” (farmers)

People called farmers should consume food which has herbal origin: vegetable, lentil, beans, wheat and corn, berries. It’s OK sometimes to eat poultry. But they should avoid meat, full-fat milk products, tomatoes and tropic fruit.

Blood type “B” (travelers)

People called travelers have the biggest variety of food consumption. They are simply lucky because they can eat meat, fish, lamb, cereals. But they should avoid sea food, ham, bacon and chicken. At the end, they should limit the quantity of wheat, rye and tomatoes.

Blood type “AB”

These people should limit the consumption of beef, wheat, corn and tropic fruit. They can eat everything else.

As we can see, the recommended food for all blood types is different. It can surely have consequences. For example, blood type “A” “asks” for more meat which increases the risk of cardio-vascular diseases. The meat is high in calories and contains fat.

If we practice this diet on long term it can have consequences. If we don’t consume milk products, we will lose nutrients that they give to our organism and which are actually necessary for our general health condition.

At the end, it all depends on you. Eat with moderation and regularly.

Do not skip breakfast! Do exercises, eat healthy and you will be healthy!


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