Watermelon and Its Secret Ingredient to Avoid Fatigue!

Do you want to have extra energy and avoid fatigue? Watermelon, thanks to its amino acid content, especially L-arginine, is ideal not only for everyone.

When we think of watermelon, we think of summer. It’s refreshing fruit that we combine in fruit salad, juices. Despite the 92% water content, it also contains significant amounts of vitamins A, C and B6 and C, as well as an endless list of amino acids and antioxidants.


The fat content almost doesn’t existent and it hardly contains any sodium . Isn’t it great?

This summer fruit hides a secret that you may not know about.

The amino acid L-citrulline in watermelon gives us energy


Sportspeople know well the L-citrulline because it is a non-essential amino acid. It helps athletes to improve their performance.

Do you know what does the term “non-essential amino acid” mean exactly?

  • Non-essential amino acids are actually those acids which our body can synthesize. In a normal diet, we do not necessary eat every day.

L-citrulline, a very healthy amino acid

Garlic, meat, nuts, chickpeas and dark chocolate all contain L-citrulline. They are all food that we consider as very “energetic”. They not only improve our performance, but also care for our health.


Gives us a lot of energy and “beats” fatigue

Another sensational property of L-citrulline: it helps us reduce ammonia in muscle tissues and lactic acid.

It helps our muscles recover instantly: we’ll notice fewer cramps, less tension and less tiredness.

We can instantly recover our physical performance and our energy will improve.


Adequate metabolic changes

Many athletes and sportspeople actually choose to consume food supplements based on L-citrulline.

This amino acid delay the sensation of fatigue. It causes metabolic reactions that synthesize aerobic energy.

The advice is to make the most of the L-citrulline content of watermelon in combination with all of its minerals and vitamins.

It prevents the accumulation of waste products

watermelon 1

Eating watermelon helps us get out of the haze of fatigue. We can recover our strength and the resistance of our muscles. Another useful and interesting information about L-citrulline is that it prevents the accumulation of waste substances in the body.

These can manifest in the form of pains and aches, cramps or the class liquid retention.

It improves erectile dysfunction

The powerful L-citrulline content in watermelon is very helpful in cases of mild erectile dysfunction. By improving blood circulation naturally, it can alleviate mild cases of erectile dysfunction.

All this reminds us that instead of turning to medication, it’s always best to start by improving our dietary habits and lifestyle.

We’re talking about a healthy, medicinal, and energizing fruit.



Source: StepToHealth

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