If You Use Cell Phone at Night It Can Cause BLINDNESS!

Doctors were so confused when two women, aged 22 and 44, reported recurring up to 15 minutes episodes of blindness.

After a lot of heart scans, MRIs and other detailed medical tests proved indecisive, doctors actually began research or digging into the patients’ history.

If You Use Cell Phone at Night It Can Cause BLINDNESS

They were able to connect their temporary blindness to the use of cell phone before bed.

Even after this connection, one of the women rejected to stop checking her cell phone before bed .

An article in the New England Journal of Medicine sheds some light on exactly how nighttime cell phone use causes this condition.

Both women, as many people do, checked their phones while lying on their side. This position leads to the situation where the focus of one eye is on the screen while there is partial or full blockage of the other eye with the pillow.

Thus, one eye adapts to the light from the phone and the other adjusts to the dark. When we switch off the cell phone, the brain actually becomes confused. The brain wonders why one eye is adjusted to light or “daytime” but the other is “regulated” for night.

It’s a “method” for short-term blindness – and eventually, continuous or lasting eye damage.

Surprised? Well, Don’t be.


The cell phones omit blue light which is more damaging than many people realize.

This exposure is a relatively new phenomenon. It’s only in the past 20 years or so that LED screens have become popular in our homes.

Many people initially didn’t see much of an issue. Even eye doctors couldn’t see a problem. But now the severity of the damage that the long nighttime exposure to blue light can cause, is becoming clear. Patients are presenting with alarming rates of eye deterioration.

One eye doctor says that some of his patients at age of 35, have actually so cloudyeye lenses. It is due to nighttime blue light exposure that they resemble those of 75-year-olds.

To make matters worse, the potential harm can go far beyond the eyes. Health experts at Harvard confirm the link between blue light and several types of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

That’s a really high price to pay to play Angry Birds before sleep, don’t you think?

It’s not clear exactly why blue light has such far-reaching health effects. But doctors are learning more and more every day.

So when we go to sleep,  it’s not a bad idea at all to leave the phone on the other side of the room.


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