Drink These Two Simple Ingredients and You Will Never Wake Up Tired Again!

Everyone asks how many hours per day are enough to sleep and not feel tired? Of course, there is a difference from organism to organism but the average amount of sleep recently has been decreasing all the time. In the last few years, it actually dropped from 7-8 hours, to 6-7 hours a night in both men and women. At first point, maybe it doesn’t seem like a big difference, but it actually does make a huge difference to our body!

During the day, we work so hard to keep up with all daily obligations and activities. Our body requires the appropriate amount of time to calm down, recover rest and recharge. We need this in order to do everything all over again. Most people don’t pay a lot of attention to this. They think that if we don’t get a good night’s sleep that simply means that we will be a little tired the next day.

There is nothing that one good cup of coffee can’t fix, right?

Coffee is beverage that does help, but loading ourselves up with caffeine is a Band-Aid solution. It is definitely not a permanent fix.

The lack Of Sleep is a factor in some of the most serious health problems that we can face later in our lives. It can be a trigger for diseases and illness. Studies have found that people who have a shortened sleep, which is less than 6 hours, are at very increased risk of heart disease.

In 2011, the European Heart Journal’s gave a review of 15 medical studies involving almost 475,000 people. Those with shorter sleep cycles had a 48% increased risk of developing coronary heart disease and even dying from it. They also found that this group of people was at a 15% greater risk of developing or dying from stroke. But the study also gave results of long sleepers, or people who were sleeping 9 or more hours a night. They had 38% increased risk in developing or dying from coronary heart disease, and an incredible 65% increased risk of stroke. Therefore, it’s clear: balance is the key.

The rhythm of life that we live nowadays doesn’t make easy for us. We cannot get a good night’s sleep. People are reporting higher levels of stress.  It is surely a consequence of work, family situations, current events, and other factors as well that didn’t affect past generations. We are also surrounded with more and more technology that affects our sleep cycles. Unfortunately, we don’t even realize it.

There are many sleep aids that we can purchase but they are all artificial and in some cases may even cause dependency. As always, Mother Nature is here! WE CAN FIND simple and natural solution to this increasing problem.

The Ultimate “Anti-Tired” Recipe

Never Wake Up Tired Again

This two-ingredient recipe is the key to get a great night’s sleep. It will help our body relax and recharge for the next morning.

All we need is:

Mix these simple ingredients together and store the mixture in a glass jar. You can make as much or as little as you want, but a 5:1 ratio is the best. Every night before you go to sleep put a small amount of this amazing mixture under your tongue. Let it dissolve naturally.

This combination of organic honey and Himalayan sea salt in its structure has more than 80 elements and minerals that our body simply needs for different daily processes. It helps the body to recover from the hard day. Honey in its structure also has glucose. This element gives us energy. The combination of honey and salt increases serotonin which helps us release naturally the stress and get the best sleep we deserve.

Try this natural sleep remedy today and your body will be ready to face the next challenges of the day.


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