Do You Want to Know Your True Personality Type? Make This Personality Test!

Enneagram – Have you ever heard of it? It’s actually a model to discover human personality type. People use this test in business, psychology and other areas. The purpose is to better understand the minds of others. It’s based on 9 interconnected personality types. Psychologists consider The Enneagram to be one of the most powerful tools to provide a deeper insight to yourself and those around you.

Do You Want to Know Your True Personality Type

Take this fun quiz if you want to discover what personality type you are!

  1. Choose only 1 paragraph from Group 1 and 1 paragraph from Group 2 that describe or coincide best with your behavior and
    You should agree with the general or overall idea of the selected paragraphs. Don’t over-analyze how and why, just follow your instinct.
  2. Next step is to find the description of your personality according to the selected For instance, if you choose paragraph B from Group 1 and paragraph 3 from Group 2, this would direct you to B3 for your answers.


Group 1

  1. You think that being prepared is the best way to get through life. You always tend to be independent, confident, and you set goals. When necessary, you’re willing to compromise, but you don’t want to wait for good things to simply happen to you. You work hard to make close people happen. Your goal is to achieve something and make a difference. Most of the time, you know exactly what you want. You live by the idea and motto ‘work hard, play hard.’
  2. You don’t like to be the center of attention. You’re quiet person and you want or you are used to be alone. You try not to attract too much attention In social situations. being in the spotlight or being competitive doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Others maybe will describe you as a dreamer, because when you ask for help, you turn to your imagination.
  3. Others would say you’re extremely responsible person. If you can’t do what’s expected of you or can’t keep your word, you simply feel terrible about it. You are always there for the others. Honest person and loyal friend are your characteristics. You are willing to make enough for others, whether they know it or not. You don’t always take good care of yourself and tend to put yourself last.

helping hand

Group 2

  1. You live your beautiful life with a positive outlook. There is a reason for everything in this world. You like to help and be with other people. That makes you happy. When you have a bad day, you try not to let anyone else know. You can always find something fun for everyone to do. Constantly maintaining a positive attitude sometimes can mean ignoring your own problems.
  2. Others can clearly tell if something is bothering you,. You tend to have strong opinions and feelings, but you’re more sensitive then you let others see. Actually, you wonder who you can count on. You want your friends to be by your side when you’re upset about something. Making your own decisions is characteristic for you.
  3. You often feel uncomfortable when you have to deal with feelings. In fact, you tend to think logically and control your emotions. You prefer to work by yourself because you are a perfectionist. When conflict happens, you try not to let your feelings determine your actions. You don’t want to let your emotions disturb  you. Therefore, the best solution for you is to hide them from others.

Woman Shy

Are you now ready for your results?

A1 Result : The Enthusiast

You’re optimistic, flexible and spontaneous person! But on occasion, you can be undisciplined and disorganized. You always want new experiences, which can cause you to become very impulsive and can lead to exhaustion. But most of the time, you’re grateful and happy for what you have!

A2 Result: The Challenger

You’re confident, strong and assertive personality type. You tend to be protective of what’s actually yours. You’re determined, witty, proud and dominant. Some find you intimidating. You use your strengths to improve other people’s lives.

A3 Result: The Personality Type is Achiever

You’re attractive, charming and confident. You care about what others think of you, but you have learned the most important thing: to accept yourself for who you are. You’re energetic, ambitious and authentic. Some see you as a role model.


B1 Result: The Peacemaker

Working hard to minimize problems and avoid conflict are your characteristics. You tend to connect people and help them resolve their own conflicts. You always want to do everything well so you readily offer your support to others.

B2 Result: The Individualist

You’re quiet and sensitive person. You tend to hide your feelings from the world because you feel powerless and vulnerable. You’re creative, honest and capable of renewing yourself.

B3 Result: The Investigator

You’re insightful, curious and enjoy developing new ideas. You’re innovative and independent. Sometimes, you become preoccupied with your own plans and thoughts. But you’re able to see the world from a different angle.


C1 Result: The Helper

You’re friendly, generous and empathetic personality type. You want to do things for others in order to feel needed. You can be flattering and sentimental. Often you feel an urgent need to give your unconditional love to others.

C2 Result: The Personality Type is Loyalist

You’re responsible and  trustworthy. But sometimes your commitment causes you to become a defensive hard-working person who’s under a lot of stress. Most of the time, you are ready to accept life’s challenges.

C3 Result: The Reformer

You really know what is right or wrong, what is good or bad. You’re trying to make things better, but you’re actually afraid to make mistakes. You’re very organized person, possibly a perfectionist. At the same time, you’re realistic, wise and noble.

How true were the results?


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