Your Tongue Can Say a Lot About Your Health! Read How

Our tongue is part of our body that we tend to forget but it can say a lot about our health. This organ can show signs of sickness and illness or trauma. Like other parts of the body, it can send us signals that something isn’t right. If we are able to recognize these 7 signs, we can help ourselves to see what is wrong.

  1. If Our Tongue is Cracked

Tongue is Cracked

Your tongue is “cracked” in the middle? That actually happens and can develop with age. If you notice fissures then it’s most likely harmless. Only 2-5% of the population in USA has a fissures on the tongue. Generally it is genetically inherited. But if you notice fissures that are accompanied by unexplained lip or facial swelling, make a check with your doctor. It could be the sign of Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome. That is a rare disease.

2 If It Has a Thick, White Coating

oral thrush

A thick, Cheese-Like coating on the tongue means that you have oral thrush. It is yeast infection that appears most commonly in infants or young children. It can also happen in those who have a weakened immune system, wear dentures or are taking antibiotics. If you often experience this issue, visit your doctor in order to determine how to treat it.

  1. Sore Tongue

Sore Tongue

Biting your tongue is a habit that can lead to sore development. Sores that appear may also be canker sores. The exact cause is unknown, but acidic food and stress can be the reason for their appearance and can make them even worse. If the sores don’t go away within one or two weeks, go to see your doctor. Sores, unfortunately can also be a sign of oral cancer.

  1. Wavy Edges

Wavy Edges Tongue

Wavy or scalloped edges of this organ actually mean that this pink organ is swollen. The process of swelling creates indentations and causes the tongue to press up against the teeth. Usually it happens as a result of something else going on in the body, like thyroid problem, allergies, dehydration or fever. Make an appointment at your doctor to see and find out what is the reason for this.

  1. Pink and Slightly Bumpy Tongue

Pink and Slightly Bumpy Tongue

Excellent news: Bumpy and pink color means nothing to worry about. Papillae are those small bumps on the tongue. They grip the food you eat and make it easier to eat. Also they contain your taste buds, which control your like or dislike of certain foods. They are responsible for the sweet and sour tastes.

  1. White Patches

White Patches tongue

White patches that can appear on the bottom or on the side of the tongue may be a sign of leukoplakia. It is a reaction to a long-standing irritation of the tongue. Constant or regular irritation causes the cells to multiply more than usual. White patch is the result. It’s not always a health issue or concern, but sometimes it could be a starting point for cancer which later on it can  develop. To be sure it’s not something more serious; go to see your doctor.

  1. Red Tongue and Fever

Red Tongue and Fever

Children often have high fever. But if their tongue is red, it’s time to see a doctor. Actually, it can be a sign of scarlet fever. It is strep throat with a rash. Worse canse, it can be a disease which affects the blood vessels. The name of that disease is Kawasaki disease. It is a non-contagious autoimmune disease that appears in children under 8 years old.  Make sure you treat it properly.

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