Thyme Essential Oil And Its 5 Amazing Health Benefits!

We use thyme as a common herb when we prepare food. Some of us use it from time to time. But did you know the benefits of thyme essential oil? Have you ever tried it? The medicinal properties of this herb come from its essential oils. They are extracted through steam distillation of fresh leaves and flowers. Among other things, thyme oil is a natural diuretic, antiseptic, tonic and stimulant and tonic!

Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme Essential Oil and Its Health Benefits

  1. We Can Use It For Pain Relief

There was a study made by researchers from Babol University of Medical Sciences. They wanted to determine the pain-relieving effects of thyme oil. They tested 82 women between the ages of 18 – 24 years old who had reported difficult menstruation. All of these women were actually suffering from primary dysmenorrhea. It is a painful cramping that may or may not be accompanied by other symptoms like nausea, dizziness, back ache and headaches. The study gave results that not only this oil is very effective at reducing pain but it also reduces difficult menstruation pain better than ibuprofen.

  1. Antibacterial and Antiseptic Properties of Thyme Oil

Thanks its compounds Camphene and Caryophyllene, thyme oil is a natural antiseptic. These elements kill skin infections and infections inside the body. Thyme has also antibacterial properties. People can use it to treat bacterial and intestinal infections.

thyme oil

  1. Treats Respiratory Conditions

Thyme essential oil has a natural ability to boost the immune system. It cures infections in the throat and drains congestion. It can be very useful if we are suffering from the common cold. It’s a natural alternative to store-bought cold medicines, and it doesn’t have harmful side effects.

  1. Thyme Oil High Blood Pressure Remedy

Thyme oil can activate circulation in our body. Blocked circulation leads to a lot of health problems, including stroke and arthritis. If a person suffers from high blood pressure, he or she can use thyme oil as a natural remedy. It relaxes the veins and arteries, reduces stress on the heart and lowers the blood pressure.

  1. Anti-Rheumatic

Gout and Arthritis are maybe the two main causes of rheumatism. People who suffer from arthritis experience obstructed or improper blood circulation. Those who suffer from gout experience an increased toxins concentration in their blood stream. Thyme essential oil can work wonders for these two problems. It is a natural diuretic and increases urination to help in the process of removing toxins from the body.

How To Use Thyme Essential Oil

  • In warm bath water add 2 drops of thyme oil to fight fatigue
  • If you want to relieve painful menstrual cramps: rub 2 drops of thyme oil onto your abdomen with equal parts carrier oil.
  • Rub 2 drops of thyme oil to the affected area to kill rashes and infections.
  • Diffuse or inhale 2-3 drops of thyme oil each day to increase circulation.

Do not hesitate to use this essential oil if you find yourself in these situations.


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