Say stop to expensive anti cellulite treatments which doesn’t have effect. Do not spent money on massages. Just drink these types of tea and you will contribute even more about your body.

Cellulite is something that when we see on our body, we immediately have terrible headache. We feel disappointed but we don’t know what to do! Maybe this is the feeling because we have endless and repeating battle with it.

This time do not quit beating it! Don’t lose time going on expensive treatments! Try these four types of tea and they will literally melt the cellulite. You will feel much better because they contribute to get better our general health.

beat cellulite

Why we have visible cellulite?

When we gain weight, fats are more concentrated in our body and they make “holes” on our skin. Fats actually contain cells which attract the water. The liquid goes into the lipid layer and the number of “skin holes” increases even more. Unfortunately, that is the process of getting cellulite!

To get rid of it, you don’t have to go on expensive massages. Nature can easily help you and give you solution. Herbal teas are cheap, healthy and available for everyone. Some of them are truly anti cellulite elixir. They actually stimulate releasing and discharging excess fluids in our organism, lower water retention in lipid layer, make the skin softer and boost the process of losing weight. All these aspects are very important for our health.

Here are few types of teas to beat cellulite:

Parsley tea

parsley tea

To make tea simply pour one tablespoon of dried parsley with 250 ml hot water and leave it to boil for 2-3 minutes. Move from the heat and strain. Add juice of half a lemon. Drink 250 ml, 30 minutes before lunch and dinner. Don’t drink it before sleeping because parsley tea is strong diuretic. If you are pregnant or you have kidney inflammation, don’t drink this type of tea.
Dandelion tea

dandelion tea

Put to boil one teaspoon of finely chopped dry dandelion root in 2,5 dl water on low heat. Leave it to boil for 4-5 minutes. Then remove from heat and add 250 ml boiled water. Leave it for 15 minutes and strain. Drink 250 ml three times per day.

Tea of Cherry loops

Tea of Cherry loops

Boil one hand of cherry loops (Prunus avium) for 2 min in one litter water. Leave it for 15 minutes to cool, strain and drink several times per day.

Ginger tea

ginger tea

Nicely wash ginger root, peal it and cut it into circles. Put in bowl and pour with boiled water. Close it and boil for another 5 minutes. Then remove and leave it to stay for 15 min. Strain, add honey or lemon juice if you like. It will change little bit the taste. Drink it while it’s still hot, 250 ml three times a day.


Find a solution in the nature. Drink any type of tea you like and you will lose the visible cellulite from your body.


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