Only a Tablespoon-30 POUNDS DOWN IN A MONTH-This Stops Obesity!

The best way to stop obesity and lose some weight is, according to many experts, to boost or speed up your metabolism. But it is obviously much easier said than done. Do not lose hope; there are actually few different natural remedies and tricks you can do. They will help speed up your metabolism and feel better in your body!

Spices are effective in boosting metabolism

All you need to know at this point is that there are many natural foods that can help us achieve what we want. However, if we want to boost and speed up our metabolism, we also need to pay attention to the spices that we use in our everyday life.

Hunger is the most common feeling when we are trying hardly to lose some weight. However it is important to know that by combining some natural ingredients with the food, we will be able to speed up our metabolism and therefore easily lose some weight.

One study conducted by the scientists of the Medical Sciences University of Iran actually proved that. For the purpose of this study, the participants were divided into 2 groups. Each group was consisted of 44 women. All of these women had problems with obesity.

For the next three months women from both groups consumed less than 500 calories a day. They were actually eating healthy food.

Spices were the only difference in their diet. Namely the first group consumed every day 3 grams of powdered cumin. They usually mixed the cumin with 140 g of yogurt. On the other hand, the second group consumed the same amount of yogurt but without the cumin.

The results were unbelievable! It stopped the obesity!

Stops Obesity

The first group, the one who consumed cumin with yogurt, lost 14 pounds more than the group who consumed the same amount of yogurt without cumin.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that the first group lost more fat than the second group. What we are trying to say is that the first group lost 14.64 percent. The second one lost only 4.91 percent fat.

This is mainly because the cumin is actually rich in filosterole. At this point it’s good to know that the filosterole has the ability to prevent retention of cholesterol in our body. According to many scientists this is the reason why cumin can easily boost our metabolism.


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