the Swedish Diet: What Is the Secret?The Whole World Went Crazy

Diet doesn’t mean that you should be starving all the time. It means consuming food on balanced manner. This Swedish diet involves reduced intake of carbohydrates and that’s why is so good. The emphasis in this way of eating is placed on fats and proteins.

Swedish Diet

Another great advantage of this diet is that you can eat at any time of day. It means that you can also eat after 18h00 or 20h00. The most important thing is to abide by the rules.

Swedish diet in fact divides foods into 3 main groups:

Allowed groceries in Swedish diet 

  • Every kind of meat
  • All kinds of crabs and fish
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables that grow above ground (cabbage, broccoli, kale, zucchini, olives, spinach, tomato, mushrooms, avocado, lettuce, peppers)
  • Dairy products exclusively with high fat (yogurt, cream, butter, curd, cheese)
  • Nuts (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, Brazilian nuts, brazilian nuts)

Allowed sometimes

  • Vegetables like carrots, beets, turnip and celery
  • Is enough only one fruit per day instead of dessert fruit. Special recommendation are raspberries.
  • Chocolate with high content of cocoa only 2 times a week (70% or more cocoa)

In Swedish diet it is not permitted

  • Sugar, sodas, bought juices, pastries, ice cream, cakes, muesli and artificial sweeteners
  • Grains and starches (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, chips, cereals)
  • Margarine and refined oils
  • Alcohol, especially beer

The diet is very simple and it doesn’t’ require a lot of effort. It does not burden the body and is especially recommended in the moments when you want to lose weight quickly or to discard excess fat without starving. Also, what is very important for every diet is that we have to be active, exercise, walk or run little bit in order to give boost to our organism.  Healthy body means healthy mind. Keep your body in good shape and you will be always satisfied by yourself. You, as person, are the most important thing.



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