9 Surprising Uses and Benefits of Guava Leaves Tea

Indigenous to tropical regions of the planet, the guava tree bears fruits that are loaded with vitamin C and fiber. Are you familiar with the fact that it is not just the fruit guava earns the spotlight? The young guava leaves are also important. Since long time ago, in Asia and South Africa the traditional healers for different health problems have used young guava leaves. The guava leaves are actually used for healing simple problems like diarrhea as well as serious ones like cancer.

If in the backyard you have a guava tree, you can gain lots of benefits from the healing characteristics of young guava leaves by simply making a tea. You just have to take some young guava leaves, then gently wash them. After that soak them in a cup with hot water. After some short time, discard the leaves and drink the guava leaf tea sip by sip.

Below are few of the things that are amazing and it is known that a mug of guava leaf tea can offer them.


Benefits And Uses of Guava Leaf Tea

Guava Leaves Tea


  1. It Helps Promote Weight Loss

Studies suggest that guava leaf tea is helpful for keeping the sugar levels in the blood from spiking, and in that way it is guarding from pangs of hunger. Every serving of this healthy beverage also contains 0 calories! Any time you like to eat some chocolate cake, simply take a mug with guava leaf tea and sip it slowly. Afterwards, you will notice that you won’t have craving.

  1. It is Helpful for Managing the Diabetes

Like above mentioned, guava leaf tea is excellent for keeping high blood sugar levels in check, and that’s why it is a beverage that diabetics may benefit from. Moreover,people consider that drinking guava leaf tea is an essential part of the effective management of diabetes.


  1. It May Lower Bad Cholesterol

Many studies recommend that the by regularly drinking guava tea leaf the levels of bad cholesterol could decrease in the body. The beverage’s antioxidants are helpful for keeping the food’s cholesterol from oxidizing and ending up in the stream of the blood. Pair the intake of this tea with healthy eating habits and regular exercise for best results.

  1. It Could Decrease the Risk of Heart Disease

Are you familiar with the fact that the heart disease is a killer that earns the first place on the planet? Did you know that the number one killer on the planet is heart disease? Fortunately, you can lower the risk of heart disease in many ways. One of them is by drinking guava leaf tea which is rich in antioxidants. That’s because it helps prevent high blood pressure, something that can lead to heart disease.

  1.  Guava Leaves Can Help at Curing Cancer that is Deadly

Due to the antioxidants in guava leaf tea, consuming the beverage could help prevent deadly cancer from striking. One of the many antioxidants found in the said tea is lycopene, which is known to be very good at warding off cancer, most especially oral, prostate and breast cancer.


  1. It Cures a Number of Oral Problems

Do you have a nagging toothache or an oral sore? Are your gums swollen? Boil a cup of guava leaf tea and let it cool to room temperature. Use it as a mouth rinse 2 to 3 times a day. Also you can apply young guava leaves on problem spots. However, you still should visit your dentist just to be safe.

  1. It Soothes Issues Related to Digestion

Healers that heal on traditional way suggest the consumption of guava leaf tea to those who are suffering from diarrhea. That’s because this drink has antimicrobial characteristics, destroying the gut’s bacteria that cause diarrhea. Also, guava leaf tea is helpful for restoring the normal function of the GI system as well as for reducing the mucus that is excess effectively.

  1. It Helps Improve Your Skin Health

Because vitamin C is abundant in guava leaf tea it is very good for the skin. Drinking the beverage regularly can be helpful for warding off the signs of premature aging on the skin. Also guava leaf tea that is cool could be daubed on the acne to bring the compounds that fight against bacteria and the antioxidants on the place where their power is needed.

  1. It Guards from Hair’s Thinning

When it is applied topically, the unnecessary loss of hair could be prevented by guava leaf tea. Simply drink a mug of guava leaf tea and allow it to sit around until it becomes cool. Take a bath as usual. Then, remove the water that is excess and start massaging the tea on the scalp. Allow it to drip for a while and then towel dry.


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