Control Sugar Level In Your Blood Only With One Boiled Egg

Our health is reflection of what we eat every day.  Our sugar level can be a result of what we eat. People who pay attention on healthy food are most likely to suffer less if we compare them to people who consume fast food and junk food all the time.  Besides the food, the pollution, the environment around us and the everyday stress at work in are also responsible factors for our health issues.

Sugar Level

The accumulated toxins and chemicals in the body lead to health problems such as: cholesterol, high level of sugar and of course, high blood pressure. We should all be aware that these health problems are in fact silent killers. They have a worse impact on the health of our heart as well.

Diabetes is one of those disorders which actually happens due to a high level of sugar in our body. The body can’t properly develop the insulin and thus our body is not able to handle properly the blood glucose level.

The number of people suffering from diabetes is constantly increasing in the world. When the blood sugar level exceeds 126 mg/dl for fasting blood test or 200 mg/dl at any time then it is clear that this person is suffering from diabetes.

The insulin shot is the only treatment or solution which is actually widely followed to ensure normal life for the diabetic patient. But fortunately, there is a very simple and natural method which can help you to control the level of sugar in the blood. The following homemade remedy requires only 2 essential ingredients that you can easily find at home. The results are simply amazing.

Here is how you can manage to follow the sugar level in your blood.

You only need:

  • 1 Egg
  • Vinegar- 1 tbsp

What to do?

  • Take one egg and boil it in the afternoon.
  • Peel it properly and also pierce it a couple of times.
  • Place the egg in a bowl and then add 1 tbsp of vinegar to it.
  • Let it remain aside overnight.
  • Next morning, eat the egg and drink 1 glass of warm water.

Make this super natural remedy every day. Believe us, there will be a significant drop in your blood sugar level.

This is the best way to have easy and healthy breakfast. In the same time you will control the blood sugar level. Do this for 1 week without skipping a day. Every day, after consuming this breakfast, count the sugar level. You will soon notice a big change in blood sugar level. It is a miraculous remedy for millions of people who are suffering from diabetes and who are always worried about their blood sugar level.


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