Here Are 6 Exercises To Do If You Suffer From Foot, Hip or Knee Pain

Knee pain is the second largest cause of chronic pain in the US. It affects about 25% people of the population in the country.

Even those who are not suffering from knee pain, suffer from minor injuries and fatigue. We have the perfect solution for you are looking a way to get rid of them!

Knee Pain

We have a few exercises that relieve the knee pain, the pain in your feet or hips, and make you feel better.

Heel raises

Grab a chair and stand behind it. Raise one of the legs and gradually raise the heel of the other legs until you are on your toes. Then, slowly bring the heed back on the floor. You should repeat this exercise 15 times on each leg. It is very effective for strengthening the knee muscles and ankles.

Toe walking

You can do this simple exercise while doing other chores. All you have to do is walk around on your toes at a fast pace. By doing this, you will improve toes, calves and feet balls. You should do this exercise for 10-15 minutes or until you feel tired.

Ankle circles

Sit down or stand up and raise one leg. Gradually rotate the foot of that leg in a circular movement. Repeat this2-3 times per leg, 10 times inwards and 10 times outwards.

Resistance band

Fix a resistance band around a couch leg. Put one of your legs underneath the other, a bit bent at the knee. Grab the bend with the foot of the leg on top.

Gradually pull the bend and make sure to bend your foot toward the head. Repeat this movement 15 times per leg. This exercise will strengthen your calves and outer thigh muscles.

Toe games

In a standing position, curl your toes and put a towel or pebbles on the floor and grab onto it with your toes.

Walking on balls

Sit on a chair, put your foot on the ball and step on it. Push the ball with your foot towards the toes and then backward. Enjoy the massage for around 10 min.


If you have hip and knee pain you should know that foot massage and acupressure are really helpful. Place your thumbs on the spots you can see on the picture for 15 minutes. This will eliminate the pain and relax your feet and body.



Source: NaturalCuresAndHomeRemedies

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