The Strongest Tropical Fruit-Fighter Against Cancer Cells

Tropical fruit can provide disease-fighting power and it is some of the best nutrition. But if you live in less tropical area, probably eating tropical fruit is not so common.

Among the mainstream this fruit called Paw Paw is not very well known. But for many decades, people have enjoyed it.  When found in India, its name is “Hoosier banana. You can also find it under the name “poor man’s banana” or “Michigan banana etc. This name has a smooth, texture and a subtle but excellent strawberry-banana type flavor.

Some get it in its fruit form while others get it in a Paw Paw supplement form. Either way, it has been said to provide incredible health benefits.

Tropical Fruit paw paw

The Paw Paw Tropical Fruit and its Health Benefits

The Paw Paw fruit is native to North America. This fruit brings with it an amazing range of unbelievable health benefits.

Paw Paw fruit provides these benefits:

  • High levels of antioxidants, similar to cherries and cranberries
  • 20 times the Magnesium of bananas, apples and oranges
  • As much as 70 times the Iron as the above fruits
  • Great Source of Amino Acids
  • More Vitamin C than Oranges
  • Strong Anti-Parasitic Properties
  • Easy to grow Without Chemicals. For many other fruits we “need” those chemicals

Paw Paw- is it the Strongest Anti-Cancer Plant?

If the benefits mentioned above aren’t enough, we can add that Paw Paw may contain the strongest anti-cancer substances. It shares similar traits to the exotic and famous South American Graviola tree leaves and twigs. It is actually the tree that produces the Soursop fruit. In fact, a large-scale study found that it had the strongest anti-cancer abilities of any type of plant or fruit on the South and North American continents.

Please watch the following video for more information.

In 1997, there were two studies from Dr. Jerry McLaughlin, a Purdue University researcher. He published more than 330 scientific papers and secured several patents for his work. He found that compounds in the bark of the tree showed preliminary success in fighting against drug-resistant cancers.

There are over 40 anti-cancer compounds in Paw Paw bark. Dr. McLaughlin noted that cancer cells are very difficult and complex to kill in humans.

Where We Can Find This Tropical Fruit or Paw Paw Supplements ?

paw paw

We can find Paw Paw trees and fruits growing in humble Midwestern forests.  Most often we can find them in shady areas on trees near riverbanks.

They typically ripen in late August and stay ripe all the way through October.

If you live outside of the Midwest, you also have the option to buyPaw Paw in supplement. But be careful as it is strong natural medicine. Some people have even experienced side effects. Therefore you should consult doctor before the consumption.

Note: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.


Source: AltHealthWorks

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