You Have a Strong Personality?These 5 Signs Intimidates Others

You surely know few persons who have an exceptionally strong personality. Maybe you wonder how that is possible. Someone who seems highly self-confident and independent. Or, maybe you are that person! There’s absolutely nothing wrong knowing what you want and go after it. But someone with a strong personality can often be rude and aggressive. The behavior of a strong person cause a bad first impression even though that person may have the biggest heart.

Strong Personality

These five signs show that you have a strong personality. But that might scare other people around:

  1. You Simply Can’t Stand Ordinary Conversations

Simple and ordinary conversations are boring to you. Talking about the weather is nightmare for you. Having ideas to share and thinking deeply are characteristics for a person who has powerful personality. Trivial conversations are a waste of time so they can make you feel uncomfortable. You’re more interested in meaning and deep conversation.


  1. Ignorance Can Annoy You

You enjoy learning, reading in order to increase your knowledge and awareness. Your strong personality is practically based on self-taught knowledge. You put a lot of effort and time into brain exercises. So when people make judgments and comments about things they don’t actually understand, it simply irritates you. In these situations the best thing to do is to encourage people to think for themselves. Also you can use your personal knowledge to point out the mistakes and carefully consider what they say.

  1. Excuses? – No Thanks!

Every day you work so hard, so when people come to you with different excuses, you simply refuse to let that person waste your time complaining or whining. Instead of agonizing over the problem you would rather focus on what you can do to fix a situation. You don’t have room for people who are constantly coming to you with excuses for their behavior because you are a person who is consistently pushing yourself to be better and do better. There may be reasons why someone can’t do something, but there are a lot more reasons why they can.

  1. You Don’t Crave Superficial Attention

People with strong personality do not need special attention. You’re secure and happy, and you don’t waste your time begging for others to notice you. You would rather let your work and your actions speak for you. Many people that you meet every day test your patience by gossiping, complaining or simply creating drama to get attention. While disliking attention is valid, it’s important to remember that superficial attention is fleeting.

  1. You Create Opportunities

While some are sitting around waiting for a chance to travel, promotion at work or another good opportunity to come, you are creating your own opportunities and working toward your goals. You know that important continuous steps in life are learning, growing and evolving. The most important thing is that you aren’t afraid to risk or take a chance. Maybe you have insecurities like other people, but the difference is that you refuse to let them control your life. Continue to behave like that!



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