Over stressed? Here are 9 Signs, Symptoms and Remedies!

Maybe you are often over stressed without knowing it! Stress can affect a lot our bodies in many different ways, causing our bodies and minds to react in different ways. While you are drinking your morning coffee, take a moment to read how these ‘small symptoms’ may affect us in a much bigger way!

Symptoms and Remedies


Weight Change

Do you find yourself constantly gaining and losing weight on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis? Stress could be the main reason. Actually, weight gain and stress come hand in hand. However, being over stressed can  have the opposite effect on your body. It can cause you to actually lose weight.

You might be concentrating too much on the stressful subject matter at hand. Maybe the mere thought of the stressful situation makes you feel sick. Remember to eat healthily! Eat foods high in magnesium (rich leafy greens), potassium(avocados) and vitamin C (oranges) as well as lean meats (turkey) to help alleviate stress.

Solutions: By sticking to a meal plan and eating biotin packed foods you should be able to avoid unnecessary weight gain or loss. What is most important in eating healthy food, DO NOT SKIP Breakfast!


Hair Loss

Hair Loss


If you have noticed extra hair fall and you don’t know what the outstanding cause is then you may have just found your answer. Stress can highly affect the cycle of healthy hair growth.

Solutions: Find time in your schedule to relax. Take a relaxing bath filled with homemade bath salts.


Sleeping Issues – shows that you are Over stressed!

Yes, you may think it’s pretty normal to get nightmares or not be able to get to sleep easily at night. However, what you don’t realize is that being over stressed is what’s causing this. Constantly thinking about something before falling asleep can cause disruptions and even scary dreams. A lot of studies have shown the powerful effects stress and anxiety have on compromised sleep, showing the importance of getting a decent nights rest to relax and relieve your body of stress.

Solutions: Try taking yourself away to another time or place. Just relax and imagine a whole different life scenario. You could also download a sleep enhancing app that will help relax your mind. Try to drink hot tea before sleeping. It will contribute in good sleep.


Thinking Too Much About Your Job and Restlessness

Just take a minute and let your mind wander, concentrate on the first thing it comes to. Did it focus on an aspect of your job? A project due soon or a specific person you work with? Without realizing it, you may be over loading on stress due to your career. According to the American Psychological Association, concentrating too much on your job couples hand in hand with increased stress levels and can also cause an ‘increased risk of coronary disease‘.

Constantly thinking about stressful situations can cause restlessness. Your body is unable to relax and calm down because your brain is going at 100 mph.

Solutions: Take some time to clear your mind, try meditation or walk in the nature! It’s a great way of getting your mind off stressful problems and onto living in the now.


Mood Change

Stress can affect your hormone levels in extreme ways. It can even lead to the development of serious disorders such as; Graves disease, diabetes and fertility problems.

These frequent changes in mood may also be affecting the people surrounding you, pushing them away or making them think twice about speaking to you. Start becoming aware of the negative effects your mood may be having on others. Try to concentrate on how to have a happier and healthier reaction to other people.

Solutions: Work on taking a step backward and assessing your situation. By being in control of what you’re thinking will help you avoid getting irritated at other people. Here are ten different ways you can help your mood swings and balance those hormones!


Bodily Pains

Bodily Pains


Have you been feeling certain aches and pains all over your body? Do you get persistent, sore headaches that don’t seem to go away? Then stop what you’re doing right now and take a minute to assess your stress levels.

Solutions: Massages are a great way to release the stress and take your mind off things. Using lavender oil in a massage is a great way to relax.


Low Libido

Your libido could be on low level due to excess levels of stress-related hormones. It squashes your desire and makes you unable to feel intimate with another person.

Solutions: Your diet can affect a lot to your libido. Try to eat healthy food.

Help decrease your stress levels by increasing the health of your mind and body.

Take a step back, make a pause and enjoy life…


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