We can surely say for this water that is a rescue for all people suffering from allergies, especially in this period of the year.

Changing weather for some people is synonym for allergies. One day is sunny, the other is raining and then suddenly cold. For some people is a real choc for their organism. Therefore, it is important rinsing the nose regularly in order to get rid of the problems. Dust and pollen can easily cause sneezing and itching. We surely can admit that’s not good feeling!

This is in fact simple natural recipe that will help you get rid of those feelings.

You can easily make it by yourself. All you need is marshmallow root.

How to prepare?

First pour one tablespoon marshmallow root with 200 ml cold water and leave it like that 2-3 hours. Then strain in gently.

You are ready to rinse the nose.
In fact, the large quantity of mucus secreted from the root of marshmallow will tax the lining of the nose and act against inflammatory.


Tea against allergies

This is an example of an excellent and simple mix of teas that you can easily prepare. All people who have problems with spring allergies can alleviate the symptoms.

What you need?

First you need to go in a market and buy all types of teas below.

Ingredients: 25 g nettle, 15 g rose hip, 15 g black mallow, 10 g elderberry, 10 g spurge, 10 g calendula, 10 g thyme.
Preparation: Put 2 tablespoons of this mixture in cold water and then let the water boil. Pull out, cover with lid and leave it for 10 min. Then strain and add honey if you like. Drink little by little for entire day.

Another simple advice is to spread your nose with olive oil before going out.

That will prevent the entry of allergies in nose and will protect you.


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