Stop Eating Food of Refined Flour! Here Are 6 Reasons Why!

If you only take quickly you meals because you don’t have time, probably your diet consists of refined flour. Cereal, pizza, bagels, pasta, toast or wraps, they all consist refined flour.

Flour is produced by crushing grains. It’s then used for breads, crackers, cereals, pizza, cookies,dough… and the list continues. Each day, an average American eats 10 servings of refined grains. So what’s the big deal?

Refined Flour


Here Are The Most Important Negative Effects of Refined Flour:

  1. Can easily Cause An Acid-Alkaline Imbalance

A healthy pH level in the body is a 7.4. High acidic food forces our body to take calcium away from the bones. Grains are acidic food. Researches have shown that there is a connection between a diet high in refined grains and bone loss. An acidic diet can also damage our immune system, and can make the body more vulnerable to disease.


  1. It Raises the Level of Blood Sugar

Think again if you think that choosing wheat is in fact the healthier option. Wheat flour is actually even worse and more damaging to your body. Amylopectin, a carbohydrate in wheat can more easily be converted to blood sugar than any other carbohydrate. Only two slices of wheat bread can raise your blood sugar levels higher than several candy bars or six teaspoons of table sugar!

It Raises the Level of Blood Sugar

  1. Causes Inflammation

A diet full of grains can cause inflammation in the body. Blood sugar levels spike and glucose builds up in the blood, causing it to attach itself to proteins nearby. The result is glycation. It is a chemical reaction or a pro-inflammatory process that plays big role in many inflammatory diseases like heart disease and arthritis.

  1. Slowing Down the Metabolism

Research has shown that when you consume foods that are high on the glycemic index, the body may end up shifting nutrients into fat storage. Instead of fueling your body, foods made with refined flour actually promote fat storageby slowing down fat burning. This process automatically causes the metabolism to slow down, which leads to weight gain.

Slowing Down the Metabolism

  1. It Destroys Gut Health

Studies have shown that the lectins in grains cause inflammation to the lining of the gut. We lose 80% of the fiber in the food when we consume refined flour. Your body isn’t getting the fiber it needs so the carbohydrates end up releasing rapidly. Your body isn’t able to clean the debris out of your gut to help the body detox if you don’t ingest fiber.

  1. It Can Trigger Food Allergies Or An Intolerance

One of the biggest triggers of intolerance and food allergies is wheat. Gluten, the type of protein that we can find in many grains gives dough its elasticity. It actually “ captures” or traps air bubbles to create nice and softer texture to bread. Wheat now contains more gluten than ever before. People who have a gluten sensitivity are often unaware of the underlying problem that’s causing their symptoms.

Learn about healthier flour alternatives by watching the following video:


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