Stop Consuming and Feeding Your Children Hot Dogs! Here is Why! [Video]

Hot dogs, apple pie and hamburgers are favorite food for Americans. Eating grilled hot dogs, macaroni and cheese is food wish for every kid. Many children are happy when they can eat this food, and for their parents it’s the easiest way to prepare something to eat.

Stop Consuming and Feeding Your Children Hot Dogs

Fun fact is that for 4th of July, people In USA consume around About 155 million hot dogs. That’s a lot of  ‘dogs!

Besides all these “benefits”, doctors are now advising parents’ one very important thing.

Stop feeding your children hot dogs!

Stop feeding your children hot dogs

According to one new research, children who often consume hot dogs (over a dozen a month), are 9 times more likely to develop leukemia. Leukemia is in fact a blood cancer where the blood-forming organs and the bone marrow produce increased numbers of abnormal and immature leukocytes. These suppress the normal blood cells production, leading to anemia and other different symptoms.

These effects are not “characteristic” for children. Fathers who, before conceiving, often ate hot dogs, have bigger % to pass cancer to their children. Pregnant women who didn’t pay attention and ate a hot dog are more likely to have children who will develop a brain tumor.

Why these delicious hot dogs are so dangerous?

Why these delicious hot dogs are so dangerous

It is all related to nitrates. They preserve meat in order to have a longer shelf life.

Nitrates also:

  • Maintain the pinkish color of the Without them, the meat would be gray.
  • Add a characteristic and specific
  • Ward off against Clostridium botulinum. It is actually bacteria responsible for botulism. That is a dangerous disease which can cause muscular and respiratory paralysis.

However, the additive meant to save us from one poison ends up poisoning those who consume it.


We can also find nitrates in vegetables that grow in fertilizers. Many of these vegetables come with their own compounds that fight nitrosamine production.

“Spinach, lettuce,  beets, celery, cabbage and parsley are all naturally high in nitrates. The level of naturally occurring nitrites is determined by the plant’s genetics, age, and also the amount of nitrate in the soil where the crops were farmed. Due to increased use of nitrate fertilizers in the last century, these figures are high. But don’t stop eating these veggies! Many of them also contain vitamin C, naturally limiting the formation of the toxic nitrosamines.” – Fooducate

What to do?

So, what should we do to keep our kids and ourselves safe? The best thing to do is to take any processed meats off the menu. Even buying and consuming organic does not guarantee safe food.

It is also important to reduce or stop eating vegetables that grow in fertilizer.

Take few minutes to see the process of making hot dogs! Simply disgusting!

If you’re still not convinced that hot dogs are one of the worst ‘foods’ , all you have to do is take a look now at how they’re actually made.

Traditional people make hot dogs from a mix of chicken, beef and pork plus all the other nasty ingredients we said previously, like artificial nitrates.

All of this is ground and well mixed with water until it resembles cookie dough that’s been sitting in a puddle of Amazon rainforest slime for too long.

And then, they get passed through a mold that turns that sludge into its famous hot-dog shape.

Watch the following video.


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