Stop Bunion Very Fast with These 4 Simple Ways!

When the big toe pushes against the second toe, they form bony bump or bunion.  The pressure actually forces the joint of the big toe to get bigger and eventually stick out. Several things can cause bunions:

  • wearing narrow and tight shoes or
  • experiencing a foot injury.


Bunions, over time, can become painful and hard to manage.


These four effective ways will help preventing bunion:

  1. Correct Footwear And Diet


If you wear narrow or wrong shoes, you have a very big chance of getting a bunion. This especially happens if you are putting excess weight on your feet for long periods of time. Make sure you are wearing “the right” or comfortable shoes that fit properly.

Diet can also play big role in preventing bunions. Decreasing the amount of inflammatory foods in your diet can help reduce inflammation and swelling in your feet. Reduce spicy and fatty foods, and of course sugar.

  1. Massage

woman holding feet

A massage can help relax and strengthen your foot muscles to prevent bunions and form your feet into a healthy shape. To massage your feet at home:


  • Roll a tennis ball with your feet.
  • Massage your feet with your thumbs upward and back, pressing gently.
  • Hold one toe at a time and pull it slightly upward.
  1. Exercise


There are few simple and effective exercises you can do to keep your feet strong and healthy. to perform the following exercises, you will need only 10 minutes a day:


  • Place your foot on the floor and try to raise each toe, one at a time.
  • Put a touch rubber band on your toes then try to force them apart.
  • Rotate your feet in both directions.
  • Place some small objects on the floor and try to pick them up with your toes.
  1. Foot Hygiene

lavender essential oils

Soaking your feet on a regular basis can help get rid of harmful and sweat bacteria buildup. Use anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory herbs in your foot soak, such as lavender, chamomile  or calendula for an extra boost!



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