You Want to Stay Healthy and Slim? Read These Japanese Secrets!

We all read and know that following a healthy diet, drinking sufficient amounts of water on everyday basis, exercising on a regular basis are the universal rules. Those are actually “rules” if we want to stay healthy and fit. However, every culture has its own tips and rules on how to stay in good shape and healthy.  For example, the Japanese follow FOUR easy and essential rules to stay happy and healthy.

Check them out!

You Want to Stay Healthy and Slim Read These Japanese Secrets


  1. If You Eat Like a Sumo Wrestler, You Will Look Like a Sumo Wrestler

What do we mean by this?

Sumo wrestlers SKIP breakfast! They start with their intense and hard training immediately after they wake up. However, they have very big lunch in the afternoon and after that, they immediately go to bed. They usually have two huge or gigantic meals, two times daily. In other words, regardless of how much you spend time for exercise, if you eat a lot, you are surely going to gain weight. Basically, YOU SHOULD BALANCE! If you eat large portions or you often consume junk food, this will beat the time you work out.  Therefore, make sure you eat balanced diet, you take a walk or exercise regularly, and follow good sleep patterns.

  1. Warmth is Healthy Life

The food actually gives us energy to survive.  Fruits and veggies which grow in the summer time have the effect to cool our body. They allow adjusting to the summer heat. On the other hand, the foods which grow in the winter have a lot more calories. This food keeps our bodies warm during the long, cold, winter days. Even though raw veggies, fruits, and greens are very important when it comes to balanced and healthy diet, the body still needs warmer foods once in a while.

Conclusion: You should eat a nutritious diet to supply your body with all the nutrients it needs.

  1. During Your Meal

Most people in Japan during their meal don’t drink water or any other type of liquid. They actually believe that this negatively affects food digestion.  The explanation behind this is that liquid in fact cools our body and takes away the warmth of the body. According to some scientists, water has the power to neutralize the stomach acid, which in turn forces the body to spend more energy to finish the digestion. You can give your body the necessary liquid through food as well, such as soups, fruits or veggies. Eating soup as starter is great idea! Eating salad as side dish full of season veggies is perfect if you want to “give” water to your organism.

  1. A Hot Bath = Long Life

A hot bath is extremely beneficial. It improves the blood circulation, relaxes your mind and body, and most important: it reduces stress. Many Japanese claim that taking a nice hot bath regularly prolongs life, makes the skin clean and soft and improves digestion.  100-104 degrees Fahrenheit (37-40 C) is believed to be the ideal temperature for taking bath.


Americans believe that calories are guilty for gaining weight or the main cause of weight loss. Therefore, most of the ideas mentioned above may seem simple and unusual. However, if we have in mind that Japan came up on top of the World Health Organization`s report on the longest lifespan, it seems that Japanese are doing it right.


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