Simple Sock Trick to Make Clean the Foggy Windows of Your Car [Video]

Simple Sock Trick to clean the foggy windows of your car!

Winter season is time of the year when mornings are always hard. We wake up, we have healthy breakfast, we go out for work and we enter in car. Windows of the car are full with ice from outside and when we enter in car they are foggy. We freeze at least 15 minutes until they become clean. This simple sock trick with one sock is real time saver! You will have clean windows immediately.

The trick you only have to make once. After that, you simply leave it inside the car for the entire season and let it work its magic.

What do you do? Just Fill a sock with kitty litter!

Cat litter is specifically designed to absorb moisture (for obvious reasons), including moisture in the air around it. Without extra water trapped in the air inside your car, there will be much less, if any condensation on the inside of your windows.

This works in the winter because the outside temperature is lower than inside your car, which is what contributes to the condensation on the inside of your windshield. However, the same underlying problem is what causes your windows to fog in the summer on a cool rainy day. Consider this: if you have a cold glass of water outside, condensation appears on the outside of the glass. This excess water comes from the warm air that comes into contact with the glass.

How to Make Disappear the Fog From Your Window With Cat Litter


First of all, we recommend the crystal cat litter because it doesn’t have much of a smell. You can try with the regular clumping litter, but it can leave a dusty smell. That smell is not so good especially not in the mornings. Watch this video for a quick instructions and also two other great ways to get rid of the window problem.

What You Need:

  • old sock
  • crystal cat litter
  • masking tape

How To Do the Sock Trick:

Wrap the ends of the sock around your roll of tape to make it easy to pour.

Fill the “foot” of the sock with litter.

Then, tie off the ankle and flip the rest of the sock back over the foot section (OR: fill the sock completely and tie the end off with a string).

Place the sock on your dashboard. I made multiple and put some in the back of my car as well.

If you have any other awesome winter morning hacks, please share them with us! We’d love to hear your ideas.


Sources: The Hearty Soul


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