Smokers Should Know About Foods that Cleanse The Nicotine in the Body

Smokers Should Know About These Foods that Cleanse The Nicotine in the Body.

Smokers all around the world are not so happy when people tell them to quit from this bad habit. Everyone knows that is bad and unhealthy habit which slowly harms our body and health.
Nicotine in cigarettes can surely cause issues such as hypertension, lung damage and heart issues.
This substance also accelerates diabetes 2, metabolic syndrome and insulin sensitivity. Even after giving up, it actually remains in our system. Nicotine can affect the pituitary functions and the thyroid. It reduces the adrenal and unfortunately, sex hormones.
Everyone agrees that nicotine is bad! It simply enters the mouth, skin, lungs, and the mucus layer 10 seconds after you inhale it, through the blood, arrives at the brain.


Here, for all smokers, we have a small list of foods that can actually help cleanse the body of nicotine:

Water– This liquid which gives us life, detoxes the body through the skin and re-hydrates it from dehydrating nicotine. Make sure you drink enough water every day, 8-12 glasses.
Carrot juice is very healthy and high in vitamin A, B, C,K. It detoxifies the body, makes our skin shiny, smooth and fresh.
Orange– it is abundant in vitamin C and other nutrients. It has effect to reduce stress and treat anxiety.
Broccoli– very beneficial vegetable for the lungs because it is high in B5 and C vitamin
Dry herbs- they are rich in vitamin E and A and have power to reduce nicotine levels
Kiwi– is abundant in vitamin A, C and E, which are deficient in the body of a smoker
Pomegranate– This fruit boosts blood flow and enhances blood analyses
Spinach– It is high in vitamins and folic acid, and after its consumption, the taste of tobacco is simply disgusting.

Consume these foods on regular basis if you want to quit smoking or at least to give your body vitamins and fresher look. They will at least cleanse the body from the harmful nicotine.


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