Here is Why We Should Be Sleeping on Our Left Side [Video]

Why Sleeping on Left Side Is so Good for our health? Maintaining a good mental and physical health is very important for all of us. It influence on our general health. We all know that sleep duration is crucial for our development and rest. But did you know that the position in which we sleep is equally important as the sleep duration?

The sleeping position can actually influence our health. It can keep our skin looking healthy and young, and improves our digestion.

Why We Should Be Sleeping on Our Left Side

On Which Side Do You Usually Sleep?

There are 8 sleeping positions and they all affect your health. Sleeping on the left side can greatly improve health. Sleeping on the right side can worsen problems with digestion.

At the end, sleeping on the back sometimes can cause breathing difficulties. It can be also dangerous for people who suffer from sleep apnea or asthma.

Sleeping On the Left Side – Health Benefits

This sleeping side can relieve heartburn symptoms. Scientists recommend this position or side during pregnancy because it can improve circulation to the heart. The left side of our body is the dominant lymphatic side. This means that if we sleep on the left side, our body has more time to  lymph fluid, filter toxins  and waste through the lymph nodes and the thoracic duct. Sleeping on your right side, on the contrary, may cause our lymphatic system to run slower. That will increase the risk of deadly diseases because of the build-up of toxins. When a lymphatic system does not have the full efficiency, it becomes incapable of filtering toxins. It cannot properly move lymph fluid throughout our body.

Once you start sleeping on your left side, you will notice that your body becomes more efficient at toxin disposal through waste. This sleeping position improves the digestive system, and “gives chance” to our body to dispose toxins and promptly extract nutrients.

 How Sleeping On The Left Side Can Become Habit?

If you have habit to sleep on your back front or your right side, maybe you are now wondering how to get used to sleep on the left side. It is simple and possible quickly to train the body to sleep on this side. When you go to bed, just lie on your left side and press up against the back a full-length body pillow. This will prevent you from rolling over during the night. You can also switch the side of the bed where you sleep. You’ll be enjoying the same wonderful sleeping experience and it will be easier for you to turn to your other side. Try these small but significant changes to improve your sleep position and routine. It will be good for your overall health.


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