Simple Way to Detect Negative Energies At Home! 

We can find negative energies all around us! There are actually a lot of techniques that can actually help us detect negative energies in our home. Through this text we will show you the simplest and easiest one which will clean negative energies from your home. It will also maintain and keep the harmony in the family.

Wherever we live, we inhabit certain energies. Our sweet homes are places where many different energies meet – our emotions and feelings, our thoughts as well. They emit a certain type of energy. They also attract other energies. Family members, friends, neighbors or visitors in our homes can bring in negative energies. Believe it or not, they may affect our well-being.

Once they enter our home, negative energies impact our entire life.

They can break the relationships between family members, cause our budget to fluctuate, and disrupt the harmony in our home. As a result, you will feel broken, anxious, restless and simply with no will to live.

However, the symptoms may not be noticeable early, which is why it’s important to know how to detect the negative energies in your home.

Before starting, it’s very important to know the reason for the disharmony. Sometimes, even negative energies are not the culprit. However, if you can’t find the underlying problem, try the following  trick to detect bad vibes:

Detect Negative Energies At Home


Get a clear glass and pour sea salt in it. It should cover about a third of the glass. Then top the glass off with water and put it in the room where you believe the bad vibes are most powerful. It’s important to put the glass in a hidden spot so nobody can move it. Leave it there for a full day.

After 24 hours, examine the glass with attention. If it’s just like you left it, then there are no negative energies in that particular room. You can try the trick in another room and see what will happen. If the glass is not like you left it and has smudges, it is a result of energy problems.

In this case, with a new glass, repeat the procedure again. Repeat it until it’s as clean as you left it in the beginning.

Maybe sounds weird to someone but there is huge effect!

You won’t lose anything if you try it!


Watch the video for more information:



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