Simple Tricks to Make Your Clothes Fresh and White!

Use these simple tricks to make your clothes fresh and white! Keeping your clothes white and fresh sometimes can be really difficult. After a few months, you notice how your new white clothes are losing their shiny white color. Your sweat can become very stain or it is enough that the colors from other clothes bleed into the fabric. In other words, sometimes it can be very hard and complicated to keep whites looking bright and new.


The huge mistake here is that people do not have a tendency to separate their loads. Maybe you do not believe it but even light colors can easily transfer onto whites. Therefore, it is really important to make a pile of white clothes. So newt time you turn on the washing machine, make sure to wash light clothes in their own separate load.

White clothes over the years can lose their pure white color. They can become cloudy-colored. Try some safer, homemade solution instead of using bleach. It is toxic free!

For whitening your clothes, we have a safer method. With a help of very simple ingredients, you will be able to say goodbye to the stains.

Only 2 drops of this natural homemade solution can make your clothes perfect and impeccable.

These tricks will successfully eliminate stains.

They will make your clothes white and fresh. They can provide the same results as most detergents that we buy in stores. Luckily, these detergents do not contain chemicals, they are completely natural!



Add 6 crushed aspirin pills in a bowl filled with water. Then soak your clothes in it. Let them stand for around 30 minutes. At the end, wash them with a natural detergent.


Lemon and Vinegar for whitening your clothes

Add some lemon juice and vinegar in your regular detergent and as usual, wash your clothes. It will effectively eliminate the stains although it has a strong smell.


Baking Soda

Mix 4 liters of water and 1 cup of baking soda. Soak the clothes for a couple of minutes and you will immediately see the incredible results!



Source: NaturalCuresAndHomeRemedies

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