Simple steps to Grow Your Own Home Avocado Tree!

Avocado tree is warm season plant! So if you like this healthy fruit so much, grow your own avocado tree in small garden pot. Great idea to spend some quality time.

Avocado is fruit that simply goes great in salads, side dishes, different sauces or guacamole. Save yourself money and time and learn how to plant this tree in a simply small garden pot. You will have fun and you will have avocado in your home any time.

1.First step – extract the seed

First of all buy avocado fruit and carefully remove the seed. Then wash it gently (you can soak the seed for few minutes in water but be careful: do not peel off the brown skin of the seed).

2.Second step – pierce the seed

The avocado seed doesn’t have perfect shape but it is usually oblong in shape. However, every avocado seed has actually a bottom from which will grow its seeds and of course a top where the plant will sprout from. You will know this if you observe the seed with attention; the end of the seed that is slightly flat is the bottom while the end that is pointy is the top. You should put the bottom end in water and not the top end, so pat attention before piercing with toothpicks.

At the bottom end of the avocado seed stick toothpicks; the purpose of this step is actually to raise up the seed so that its entire body is not submerged or flood in water.

3.Step three – soak the avocado seed in water

Ensure that you’ve put enough water in the bottom end. It will allow the roots grow. Make sure the toothpicks are wedged in at an angle that slightly points downwards. This is to ensure that, when is placed over a glass, the seeds bottom is properly submerged in the water.

4.Step four – allow your seed to sprout

In about three to six weeks you will notice that roots will grow out from its bottom and the top end of the avocado seed will split. Out of it will actually come a stem sprout.  When the stem is about 5 or 6 inches in length, you will simply cut off the first set of leaves. A fresh set of leaves will sprout out by the next 2-3 weeks and also more roots will grow out at its base.

avocado seed

5.Step number five – time to trim the sprout

As soon as the sprout tail reaches 6 – 7 inches, in order to promote right and fresh growth you need to trim it to half its length.

6.Step six – Get ready to plant the Avocado Tree

Get a nice large flower pot and put in it an enriched potting soil. The flower pot can be from 8″ to 10″ across. Be sure that the soil is filled to an inch from the top of the pot. Then at the center of the soil make a small hole and gently place into the hole your seed by its bottom end.

You should put a lot of water in your soil afterwards and it’s the end.

You will definitely like your activity, your creativity and of course your work! Actually, you will grow your own Avocado tree! Sounds great, right?!


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