Simple Reason Why Women Should Stop Wearing Bra! [Video]

Is wearing bra healthy? Should women wear it? These are questions that women start to ask more and more. Do we wear it for aesthetic or health reasons? There is even National Bra Day on October 13th. The purpose is to fight against bra cancer and to raise awareness in public.  A lot of campaigns for not wearing it and “free the nipples” are popular nowadays.

Why Women Should Stop Wearing Bra


A French sports science researcher, Jean-Denis Roullion, conducted a study on wearing bra effects. The study was made on 3300 women aged between 18-30 years. The theory has been that wearing a bra actually provides the support necessary to promote general breast health and of course to prevent sagging as well. However, from his findings, he made a conclusion that wearing a bra isn’t actually beneficial for breast support. On contrary, he discovered a 7mm lift in the areola of women who actually went BRA-LESS. The explanation of this finding was as indicative of bras causing the negative effect of reducing breast tone and circulation over time. It can impede circulation so it’s very important not to wear it while sleeping. That can cause sagging in young women.

Another doctor, who didn’t make part of this research, gave hypothesis that not wearing a bra can allow the breast to “breath” and naturally increase elasticity and collagen production. Using or wearing it can simply hamper this.

In the following video, there is a discussion about the bra study.

Obviously, further deeper research on a bigger sample of women needs to be done before we can make any final conclusions.

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