See Which Area You Get Fat the Most and Get Rid of It Now!

Do your diet and exercise regimens really work? Do you have fat area on your body that you want to get rid of it? Are you wondering why you still end up fat, even if you’ve exerted effort in exercising? Well, maybe you are doing it wrong. The secret lies on the type of obesity you’re dealing with.

Most people don’t know the different types of obesity. Therefore, they don’t know the specific ways how to get rid of it. Scientists have concluded 6 types of obesity. Knowing which group you belong to can actually help you identify the problem and of course, the perfect solution.

Which Area You Get Fat the Most and Get Rid of It Now

Which “obesity” group do you belong to? How to get rid of it?

  1. Obesity Of Food

This is the most common type of obesity in the world. Excessive intake of food and sugar cause it.

Solution: Reduce food consumption and exercise at least 30 minutes every day.

  1. Obesity Of “Nervous Stomach”

Depression, anxiety and stress can cause this type of obesity. When we are under stress, we often consume sweets such as chocolates. People suffering from obesity of “nervous stomach” do this thing.

Solution: Avoid frequent consumption of sweets and make activities to relieve stress. Go in nature, take a walk or ride a bike.

  1. Obesity from Gluten

People who have gluten obesity problem are in general women during menopause, adolescence and with the present hormonal imbalance.

Solution: Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking and long sitting. Exercise with weights.

  1. Atherogenic Metabolic Obesity

People who have this type of metabolic obesity generally  “gather” fat in the abdomen area and have trouble breathing.

Solution: Reduce consumption of alcohol to fight this type of obesity.

  1. Obesity Due To Venous Circulation

A genetically inherited obesity usually happens in pregnant women or people with swollen legs.

Solution: Exercise by running or climbing the stairs.

  1. Obesity Of Inactivity

It actually affects parts of our body that have been very active but currently are inactive. Those parts can be active with training or constant exercising.

Solution: Do not skip eating for a long period of time, because it can slow down metabolism.

Hopefully this information will “open your eyes” and bring you one step closer to a healthier life.


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