Save Money on Electricity With Terra Cotta! Now You Can Make It at Home

This great Terra Cotta idea for heating uses only few candles to heat a room. This idea went viral all around the world and it is so simple to make it. Have you ever heard or seen it before? It is made of flower pots, comes in many different colors but the most amazing thing about this article is that you don’t have to buy it. You can make similar way to produce heat by watching the following video:

These are few photos from Egloo. It is the company that created this very innovative modern design. You can use ant candle that you want.

Once you light up all the candles, this super Egloo needs only 5 minutes to achieve the right temperature. They will warm up in the first chamber storing heat (between 140° – 180° degrees). Then the warmth is moved or brought to the external covering. The temperature is there between 30° and 50° degrees. The air intake of the exterior dome makes easier the outgoing of the warm air which is actually stored between the covers. It allows thermal exchange with the room environment. The temperature of the environment surrounding the terra cota after 30 minutes will be 2° – 3° degrees higher. It represents a perfect hand heater.

Terra Cotta

The heater is non-metallic but it contains a grill to help with heat transfers.

The terra cotta material is great because the storage of heat is faster but the release is slower.

It is actually enough for the heat to be felt instead of move fast to the ceiling.

In order to assess the efficiency according to the volume and shape, the first prototypes were handcrafted, then painted and again glazed by hand.

Terra Cotta 1

Terra Cotta 2

The recommendation is to use a maximum of 4 candles in order to avoid the concentration of high level of temperature in the lower part. Lower quality candles may cause wax corrosion. It is also possible emission of harmful substances into the wax.

Terra Cotta 3

It is also important to keep them away from children because the temperature of the outer dome reaches temperatures between 86-122 degrees F° or 30-50 C°.

Terra Cotta 4

Using Egloo is very simple. You have to position only four tea candles on the base.

Terra Cotta 5

Then insert the grill. You must place the domes on top of it. Only after five minutes this great heater is ready for use.

Terra Cotta 6

Terra Cotta 7

You can also warm up herbs or orange peelings. It makes the room smell good.

Terra Cotta 8

Terra Cotta 9

Terra Cotta 10

Terra Cotta 11

Terra Cotta 12

If you can’t afford Egloo, you can always make an effort and make your own Terra Cotta heater at home!

Terra Cotta 13

Terra Cotta 14

Source: RealFarmacy

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