Rule 80/20: sounds weird! it’s not diet but melt fat!

This is not strict rule for lose weight! Rule 80/20 will melt the fat without noticing it!

It’s true that we can lose weight in short period of time with restrictive diets.

Unfortunately, we gain back kilos and fat as soon as we finish with it and “come back to normal”.

Therefore, it’s really important to eat healthy food. But we all know that. The question is how many of us can really do that?

Don’t worry! There is new principle called 80/20 which will help you get rid of the fat and weight forever!

But let’s make it clear. The so called 80/20 diet it’s not classical diet but way of nurturing and eating. This principle demand changing our habits concerning all daily meals which in fact contribute in gaining weight.

It is not very hard to get used to it. People confirm that they had a lot of strict diets in the past but this way of consuming food actually gives balance in our life. That is very important especially when we talk about food.

This way of consuming food will not close you at home all the time. It doesn’t mean that you can’t go in a restaurant, drink coffee or have your favorite drink with your friends.

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The “rule” is very simple: 80% from the time you eat healthy food, 20% you give yourself pleasure and eat “what you want”. Eat three bigger meals per day and in one week you have right to eat three meals by your choice.  But pay attention: all meals should be at same time. The quantity of meals should be the same. You can either eat five smaller healthy dishes per day.
The best thing to do is to select fresh fruit and vegetable. During their preparation, boil them or prepare them shortly. Also it is very important to drink a lot of water. That type of food is poor in calories so it won’t make you fat.  It is rich in fiber so you won’t feel hungry.  This is maybe the crucial step of the diet.

Teresa Cutter, nutritionist, personal trainer and author of the book “80/20” advises us that we should eat those 20% of unhealthy food once a week and not every day. We shouldn’t calculate those 20% on daily basis but on weekly basis.

This way of eating food should practice everyone and not only those who want to lose weight and to get rid of the fat !

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This is perfect diet for our general health, to lower the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure and cancer.
Do not have doubts in this diet. Hollywood goes crazy about it! A lot of famous persons practice it: supermodel Miranda Kerr, model Gisele Bundchen and even professional American football player Tom Brady.

They say that they never felt better before. Personal trainer of Jessica Alba says that she uses this “diet” for longer period of time. Among other things, she also says: “You can’t absolutely pay attention of what you eat. It’s simply impossible. So it’s more acceptable to do that 80% of your time!”

By this manner food will become your friend and not enemy. Food is the key for everything: for our mood, for our energy. It’s better to eat everything but in little quantity then to quit from something forever.


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