Rick Simpson and his Cannabis Oil as Cancer Cure

Without this person, today many people probably would not use successfully cannabis oil for healing. Rick Simpson tells everyone that he didn’t actually invent cannabis oil but he “rediscovered” it.

Cannabis Oil

His attempts to legalize this oil in Canada and promote his rediscovery to the world have brought huge attention to many people. They now are using cannabis oil on effective way, for safe and rapid healing of cancer and other modern diseases that are simply impossible for medicine.

Rick used high grade naphtha as the solvent to extract the oils. Providers that use most current oil is ethyl alcohol, or grain alcohol. People use it also for most herbal tinctures. Naptha is in fact very highly flammable. It may leave toxic residues, ditto for isopropyl alcohol. Few cannabis oil makers still use both, but there are toxicity issues.

Rick Simpson few years ago had discovered this cure for himself and then, at no cost, had shared it with others in the rural town of Maccan, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Canada provides medical system which is tax based single-payer. So paying for mainstream treatments was not the problem. Since the monopoly’s medical treatments not often work with all those side effects, efficacy without side effects was the only problem.

Rick’s oil actually offered results without side effects. So the Maccan residents had nothing to lose and took advantage. The results were amazing with even cancer patients. There are always problems promoting alternative cures. But here was an additional obstacle. The cure was cannabis oil with the illegal hemp substance THC.

Cannabis Oil – Reasons for Creating

Cannabis Oil worldhealthchoice

In 1977 Rick Simpson experienced a head injury at work. Afterward  a strong post-concussion syndrome “appeared”. He described it as having the sound of a very loud motorized lawnmower in his head. He took pharmaceuticals, which created additional side effects. Then he heard about the medical benefits of marijuana. So he purchased and actually began smoking on daily basis.

The pharmaceutical drug fog and the post-concussion syndrome vanished completely by the time. Rick’s doctor discouraged him from smoking. So Rick decided on growing his own cannabis and extracting oil from whole plants. By slow boiling process in his naphtha solution, he reduced a pound of whole THC marijuana plants to get a small tube of thick cannabis oil.

Soon after he began, Rick was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. After one of the three cancers was removed surgically, it came back. So he decided to try the cannabis oil topically. During the days, all 3 skin cancers were completely healed. Rick deduced that marijuana would not.

He Started Helping Others with His Own Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

So without charging Rick began sharing the oil within his community. Almost everyone experienced remarkable improvement by using a drop twice a day. Rick Dwyer, the manager of the local Royal American Legion branch was under impressions. He cured his father’s terminal lung cancer in weeks after the medicos had sent him home to die.

Several others were cured or greatly benefited without side effects from a variety of serious ailments, including heart disease and cancer.

Then both Ricks decided there should be town meetings in the Legion hall about the cannabis oil, and that they would see what to do about spreading the word. Naively, they wanted the world to know about this natural cure.


The Consequence of Healing on the Medical Mafia’s Turf without Big Pharma’s Drugs

The publicity from a curious, unbiased Canadian media raised enough of a stir for the Legion to fire Rick Dwyer as the local manager. Then the locals became concerned about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RMPC) clamping down on Rick Simpson’s lifesaving operation.

So Rick Simpson went to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to acquire legal exemption for using his oil as medical marijuana. He took 14 dozen sworn affidavits from those he had helped in the small town. But those affidavits were disregarded and his request was turned down. Nine months later he submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court.

This time, Rick had 10 cured citizens and 6 doctors present to testify.

Their testimonies were not even allowed. The court rejected his appeal, and his little local operation of supplying free cannabis cures was threatened. Then it dawned on him that it wasn’t just the legal system that prevented natural cannabis cures.

Rick realized that the cancer industry is focused on endless treating until death do them part for the highest possible profits, not curing.

After the failed legal hassles to exempt cannabis oil for medical purposes, RCMP marked Rick, which had been lenient earlier, when some of them even asked for the oil for sick relatives. So he exiled himself to the Dutch city of Amsterdam for some time before touring the world and preaching the gospel of cannabis oil.

Monopoly medicine and Big Pharma’s concern for maintaining a massive cash flow have been the prime motive for keeping all natural cures down. They have the cooperation of the DEA, which so far refuses to upgrade their most negative classification of cannabis (marijuana).

But cannabis oil is available in states with legal medical marijuana use and there are also underground providers. It’s up to you to find them or make our own.


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