Do You Need Reusable and Natural Dryer Sheets Made in 30 sec.?

Have you ever read the ingredients in commercial dryer sheets? It’s a bit scary because bunch of chemicals in those little disposable sheets.

Chemicals like

  • benzyl acetate (linked to pancreatic cancer),
  • benzyl alcohol (an upper respiratory tract irritant),
  • ethanol (linked to central nervous system disorders),
  • limonene (a known carcinogen) and
  • chloroform (a neuro toxin and carcinogen) and much more.

Do you really need all this to make your clothes softer and smell fresh? No thank you.

Like almost for everything else, there’s a natural way to soften and freshen clothes. The good news is that you probably already have it your cupboard.

That magical ingredient is Vinegar. We don’t use vinegar only for pickle-making. It’s has a multitude  uses for household cleaning and natural beauty. If you want to make your clothes smell like a floral bouquet, no problem at all. That’s where essential oils come in. In 10 minutes, you can have reusable and chemical-free dryer sheets ready to freshen your next load.

Natural Dryer Sheets

To make your own Dryer Sheets, you need:

  • 8 oz amber spray bottle
  • 1 Cup of white vinegar
  • Strips of cloth*
  • Essential oils


*You can make the reusable dryer sheets from an old cotton crib sheet. You can use wash cloths, old cotton t-shirts or simply any type of cloth. We recommend that you stick with cotton. Cotton will absorb the fabric softener easily and will dry quickly. Tear your cloth into roughly 4×6 inch rectangles. If some are bigger than others, it’s not a big deal.

Pour Vinegar

Pour Vinegar

Pour one cup of vinegar into a spray bottle. You can use an amber glass bottle when using essential oils. The amber bottle actually helps prevent deterioration. It also protects the aromatic and therapeutic properties of the essential oils.

Add Oils

Add Oils

Add your desired scents. The combination of lavender and lemon is perfect for this kind of purposes. Use about 25 drops in all. There’s really no right or wrong amount. It depends on how much scent you want on your clothes. Experiment with different combinations and amounts.

How to Use

Spray each sheet until dampened (not dripping wet). One sheet will be enough for a standard load of laundry. Once your clothes are dry, remove the dryer sheet and add it back to your container. It’ll be ready to go for the next load.


Source: NaturalLivingIdeas


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