By Rejecting Chemo,This Woman Beat Ovarian Cancer Only With Nutrition [Video]

Can we save ourselves by rejecting chemo? Evita Ramparte had constant pain. After a visit to a doctor she was diagnosed with a serious case of ovarian cancer. Of course, the suggestions and options were to take radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. This woman was not convinced about that. Maybe the reason was that her entire life she was living unhappy life with, ‘going with the flow’ and still ending up obese and not in mood. Instead, she opted to use an approach concentrated on healthy lifestyle and nutrition. She ended up with a result of curing her cancer that doctors said could not actually be cured just like that.

She made a research and talked with an alternative health professional. Then she decided to begin a regiment of Gerson-styled juicing. She immediately and radically altered her diet from her usual and everyday processed food intake of doughnuts and pizza. She replaced this food with freshly made and natural juice from home. Then, she finally began to realize what it’s like to feel free, happy and healthy.


This strong woman even remembers how drinking juices actually allowed her to remove around 16 stones from her gallbladder. Those are stones that are full of toxic materials that sit within our body. In many cases they can lead to gallbladder removal surgeries once the mainstream medical establishment becomes involved.

By Rejecting chemo and with this totally new take on life, she revealed her ‘true beauty’ that she had never known before.

She is looking physically much healthier: healthy fat loss and rejuvenated skin health! Mental benefits are also experiences and results from of a healthier lifestyle.

And as scientists and researchers show, the foods we eat is reflection of ourselves!

The food actually contributes a lot to our physical appearance. Nutrient-rich veggies and fruits can literally enhance and show our beauty and overall level of attractiveness.

Specifically, these foods also lead to a ‘rosy, yellow complexion’ that even surpasses the look of tanned skin. Meanwhile, damaging and synthetic ‘beauty expensive products’ contain a lot of toxic chemicals that actually contribute to cancer and other diseases. By rejecting chemo we do a lot for our body and future!

Evita’s story is one of many that is highly inspiring. it makes us consider the degree to which we can use natural substances to help fight all diseases that are quickly enveloping the United States and other nations around the world.



Source: WhyDontYouTryThis

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