How to Regenerate the Entire Immune System Only in 72 Hours

Many conventional doctors unfortunately are highly misunderstanding the immune system. And not just doctors that we depend on, but everyday people as well.  We all want to hear health advice. But are those advise correct?

Most people take synthetic medicines and vitamins and they simply ignore better natural alternatives. When we deal with colds and we want to improve immunity we go in pharmacy to buy some supplements.

We should all know that there are many natural options. Researchers have discovered what could be one of the best ways to recharge or reset our immune system.

Immune System

Three Days to a Totally New Immune System

According to researchers at the University of Southern California, even in elderly people, fasting for at least 3 days can entirely regenerate our entire immune system.

The scientists and researchers said that fasting process helps a lot our body’s stem cells to start producing new white blood cells. These cells help to fight off different infection.

They added that the discovery could be especially effective for people suffering from “injured” immune systems, including chemotherapy patients, who were protected from the toxic impacts of the treatment during the fasting period.


How to regenerate our immunity system?

“Fasting actually gives green light for body’s stem cells to continue, go ahead and begin proliferating and rebuild the entire system,” says Prof. Valter Longo, Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Southern California.

He added that the body actually removed parts that were old, damaged, or inefficient during the fasting process, creating “ a new immune system.”

According to Dr. Longo a person’s system recycles unneeded immune cells, especially damaged ones, in order to create energy while they are fasting.


During his study’s trials, they asked the participants, over a 6 month period, to regularly fast between 2-4 days.

The study was available to read in June and Dr. Longo said that they still must complete clinical trials. But he also added that the research has future and looks “very promising.”


Source: RealFarmacy

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