How to recognize and immediately avoid consuming fake rice? [Video]

Did you know that on the food market there is more and more fake rice? How to recognize it and stop consuming it?

There are no limits when it comes to money and profit. The black market can produce anything in the name of profit. The latest huge worry for the food market is in fact the fake rice production.

The production of fake rice, believe it or not, is on a massive scale. It finds its way on the supermarket shelves. It seems hard to believe and understand that rice, one of the cheapest food product in the world is being imitated. But like it or not, it is actually happening on a large scale in China and on entire Asian continent.

This fake rice is found in China, then in Vietnam, India. There is information that more recently appeared in countries in Europe. In USA, it has not been identified yet.

The problem with the fake rice is that it is almost undetectable from normal rice, and is being mixed up in normal everyday branded rice.

The fake rice can easily cause stomach complaints and it is thought to be able to cause serious digestive problems.

What it is made from?

From dangerous unregulated ingredients such as chemicals, synthetics and even potato off-cuts.

We can’t avoid consuming rice because it is part of every culture and every healthy diet. Side dish, main dish, dessert – We make everything from and with rice!

How to avoid fake rice?

fake rice


You should avoid any rice that has a faint plastic smell. Maybe you won’t notice that because it’s packed in supermarkets. The fake rice is known to keep its shape after being boiled. It does not become like soft, normal rice.




If you notice this, simply throw it away and stop using that product immediately. It can be seriously harmful for your organism especially for the digestive system.


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