Here are Few Reasons Why We Should Sleep With Onion on Our Feet

Cut and Put onion on your feet to prevent cold and cough. Maybe you’ll be surprised of this simple trick but you will be also surprised of its effects one you try it.

This simple homemade remedy has extremely high benefits when we have a persistent cough. It works almost like magic and gives miraculous effects.

The only “side effect” can be the smell that this vegetable fills the room. But, if you want to neutralize the odor, there are a lot of natural air fresheners you can use.

Onions have extraordinary properties, which explains their highly regarded position in traditional medicine. Every culture has recipes featuring them as the main ingredient.

In this article, we want to explain the benefits of sleeping with onions on your feet.

Why the feet?

In terms of health, we often forget about our feet. In general, we only “care about” them when they hurt or they are cold due to circulatory problems.

But there are actually huge numbers of nerve endings in the soles of the feet. They are connected with vital organs and we often forget about this or we simply don’t know it.

We call these connection points meridians. They correspond with acupuncture points. They also contain high electric potential, that when stimulated, gives us access to the rest of the body.


Therefore, if we place slices of onions on the soles of our feet, we’ll actually be transferring all those beneficial properties directly to our interiors to keep in shape.

Benefits of sleeping with onion on your feet

  1. Say goodbye to all infection

Onions are pure and natural antibiotic. By placing onion on the soles of the feet, you’ll carry this benefit to any area in the body affected by infection.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can substitute it for the antibiotics that you receive from your doctor. It will help your treatment to be more effective and faster acting.

  1. Improves the elimination of toxins

Toxins are residues in the blood that damage our health when they accumulate. The phosphoric acid in onions works as a magnet for toxic substances, helping your body to eliminate them more easily.

By doing this treatment regularly, you’ll improve your health in the long term.

  1. Onion Hydrates your body

Did you know that onions have  90% water inside? If we look at acupuncture points, the electric energy of the meridians distributes all of the water that our body needs to reach the best or optimum levels.

For this reason, we highly recommend sleeping with onion on your feet especially for those who during the day have a hard time drinking enough water.

  1. Strengthens your immune system

Onions are a rich source of the vitamins E and C, which are essential for maintaining our bodies’ defenses. Like addition to this, these vitamins are great antioxidants and that means that they actually slow down the aging process.

So you’re getting an anti-aging treatment without the operating room or chemicals.

How to sleep with an onion on your feet?

onion socks

While there are many different varieties of onions, the best onions for this trick are white and red onions. Choose whichever is easier for you to find.

  • Cut into slices and place in the arches of each foot. This is the place where are located the meridians that we want to stimulate.
  • Cover with a pair of socks to keep them in place and go to sleep!

As we mentioned earlier, the worst part of the treatment is the smell that remains on the skin. To eliminate it, we recommend rubbing something made of stainless steel over the feet.

Although it may seem unthinkable, it’s actually a great method to remove the unpleasant smell.

If you notice the smell in the bedroom, make an infusion of citrus and cloves. Place on a nightstand or in a drawer, and the smell will disappear little by little.

There are also sprays available to eliminate unpleasant odors. Either will work, but the first is more sustainable.

This trick is a guarantee for sure success. You can use it once a week as a way to refresh and restore your energy after a long hard week at work. But, our recommendation is to do it every night.

There are no side effects. Only benefits.


Source: StepToHealth


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