Reasons Why You Don’t Lose Weight! Food is Not Always to Blame!

You eat healthy food, you do exercises but you don’t lose weight and you can’t see results?  Did you ever ask yourself that food sometimes is not to blame?

Quality healthy food choices are important. But other factors could play huge role in this subject so it is necessary to dig deeper than just eating baby carrots or taking walk to get to the bottom of the problem.   Did you ask yourself if you are high stress person with high stress job and maybe you are experiencing chronic stress?  Your social life includes alcohol intake?  Let’s see!


Stress Plays a Large Role in Not Losing Fat

We all have stress in life because of the fast way of living but it can become a chronic problem and it can negatively affect our behavior, thoughts and overall health.  Experts believe that the problem for many of us (almost all) is being in a constant state of stress. Exposure to that state can actually lead to weight gain because our appetite and insulin levels are continuously increased. Every time we are stressed, we want to eat something sweet to “calm us down” and relax us little bit.  Fresh air instead of chocolate can relax us and not influence in gaining weight!

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Gut Bacteria Can Influence Being Fat

Gut Bacteria Can Influence Being Fat

The bacteria living in our gut can be a reason not losing fat.  We all have in our organism good and bad gut bacteria but when the scale goes more to the “bad” side, it can influence fat formation.  The bad bacteria actually prefer to convert the food we are eating to stored fat.


Drinking too much Alcohol Equals Increased Fat

Drinking too much Alcohol

Happy hour in bars doesn’t sound so good when you want to have healthy life and lose weight.  Alcohol contains empty calories which do nothing but adding inches and inches to our waistline.  One drink is nothing but usually when we are out, one drink leads to another and that leads to fat. So, do it right! Drink one cup of wine while eating lunch or dinner. Eliminate alcohol if you are on healthy diet and you want to lose weight.


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