Why We Should Put Zeolite Rocks All Over the House?

If we know what zeolite rocks are, probably you won’t find interesting this article because you know it’s a rock! But it’s special kind of rock because it has the power to deodorize, clean and absorb unwanted moisture. What is more important, you can keep it indoor, in your home. Read why!

You are familiar with all those different commercial deodorizers on the market. They cover up unwelcome smells around us. But they are full of chemicals and most of the time their smell mix with the unpleasant smell that you want to cover. Here you have 100% natural method to clean the air and in the same time absorb all nasty smells.

At the end, it’s cheap! Once you buy it, you are done. You can reuse it by recharging it. So you deal with smell problems once and for all!

Zeolite Rocks

How This Zeolite Rock Actually Work?

What kind of magic these strange rocks have? Well, it’s not magic at all, but it’s science. They are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals that are already in many of our household products including cat litter and laundry detergent.

Zeolites are solids with a 3-dimensional crystal structure that is built from the elements aluminum, silicon, oxygen and alkali metals.

Zeolite consists of small holes that actually allow the minerals to pass through while absorbing the larger molecules. The production of Zeolite is synthetically for industrial uses such as water purification or helping in the management of nuclear, radioactive waste. In nature, the sizes of the holes vary between each rock.

A Swedish mineralogist gave the name Zeolite to these rocks which actually means “boiling stone”. Axel Fredrik Cronstedt discovered that fast heating a material called stilbite would produce steam; this is because of the absorbent properties of the rock.  As the temperature changes, the rock takes the water and releases back into the atmosphere.

Now once we know that zeolites are not actually “rock magic”, we can find out what could motivate you to purchase these gray stones and put them in your house.


5 Reasons Why We Should Place Zeolite Rocks in Our Home

Pet Smells

People who keep animals at home are in love with their pets. But nobody likes the unpleasant smell that they often bring into our homes. The cat litter box is one of those places where the odor of the urine is too strong. Zeolite rocks are a way better alternative than using air freshener or candles. Placing zeolite rocks close to the odor source can easily absorb all unpleasant smells and neutralize the environment.

Trash Can Foulness

Your trash can is “full” all the time you open it? The simple solution is to put few zeolite on the bottom of the trash can before you put in a bag. This will surely help trap odors and moisture buildup that create the stinky smell filling your kitchen.

Lingering Cigarette Stink

One of the hardest smells to remove from carpet or the air is the smell of cigarettes. When you want to clean your home, you’ve done everything great but the smell of cigarettes is always present. Just place a bowl or simply mesh bag of zeolite in the room that has the strongest small and voila! The odor will surely vanish.

Shoe Stench

No matter what we do, our shoes simply stink to some degree. Of course there is a time when the smell is just a little too foul to be socially acceptable. Just place zeolite around your shoe basket. You can also put a few rocks in a mesh bag and put it inside of your shoes when you’re not wearing them. This will cut back the foot smell and reduce moisture.

Long Lasting Fruit 

If you notice your fruit in the bowl on your counter is constantly going bad and quickly get mold than you can actually eat, mix few small zeolites with apples and oranges. These rocks can help absorbing some of the gasses that “attack” the fruit. Therefore, the fruit will taste better and last longer. While zeolite is purely natural, it is a good idea to wash your fruit before eating to ensure there is no lingering dust or residue.

Zeolite Rocks are Rechargeable. How?

We all know that there will be no batteries, but they are completely rechargeable and you can use them forever. The time for charges depends on the severity of the smell that zeolite is in fact absorbing. If it’s an “everyday” odor that’s not so strong, you can use them without recharging for up to 3 months. If the situation is severe, or you just notice your rocks are losing some of their super-power, recharge as often as needed.

How? To recharge one rock, simply set it outside for a couple of days on fresh air and sunshine. Allow it to release all the nasty odors and gasses that it took in. Keep in direct sunlight as long as possible.


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