Do You Put Toilet Paper on the Seat in Public Restroom? Don’t do it Again! [Video]

Going in public restroom or simply in toilet in restaurant can be nightmare. Most people believe that if they put a bunch of toilet paper down on the seat, they will protect their body from bacteria. You are doing even worst! You are exposing yourself even more on bacteria and germs. Better do not put anything on the seat at all! You can also find handy paper or seat covers in many bathroom stalls.  They don’t protect you.

Toilet Paper on the Seat in Public Restroom

Most people assume that toilets in public restroom or places are covered in bacteria.

But the actual seats themselves are designed with smooth and curve surface, to actually prevent bacteria from sticking around. Germs cannot simply multiply on bare skin alone. Don’t expect immediately to “fall” sick from sitting on a dry public toilet seat. In fact, our skin provides a natural barrier that protects us from micro-organisms. Besides that, much of the bacteria “that we can find” on seats are already present in our bodies. In addition to this, studies have shown that the average public toilet seat is cleaner than most people’s cutting boards, dish sponges and kitchen sinks! If that doesn’t put it all into perspective, nothing else will.

However, unlike public toilet seats, in a bathroom stall nothing else is made or designed to prevent bacteria from easily sticking to it. When we flush the toilet, germs simply spread all around the stall. They stuck and latch onto the door handle, the toilet paper dispenser, the walls, and the actual toilet paper. Unfortunately, the surface of toilet paper is just perfect for collecting bacteria. We use them and we have no reservations about putting directly on our bodies, often using it to wipe our faces or blow our noses. By doing so, we make awfully mistake! We simply allow those nasty germs to get easily into our skin and bodies.

The best thing we can do to protect ourselves from bacteria and germs is to wash hands thoroughly.

Run them carefully under warm or hot water, lather up gently with soap, and rub them nicely for at least 15-20 seconds. Avoid electric hand dryers! All they do is “putting” germs on your hands. If paper towels are available, use them consciously! If not, consider carrying your own hand sanitizer. When exiting, try also not to touch the handle or the door. If it’s a door to push, use the foot or hip to open it.

As the following video explains, the best way to use a public toilet is hovering. It’s way more effective and very cleaner than only using a toilet paper barrier.


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