Why we should produce at home the Japanese fungus called Kombucha?

Kombucha has Japanese origin and it is actually a fungus belonging to the yeasts. Scientists consider it as a fungus of the youth because prevents formation of wrinkles, strengthen our immunity, relieves all our problems with in digestion, we feel more vital and full with energy!

7 Amazing Benefits of This Miraculous and Healthiest Beverage

  1. Improves digestion and cures constipation

Kombucha is a natural probiotic. It helps in the balance  of  natural flora in the intestines while maintaining the useful and expelling harmful substances.


It inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and strengthens the immune system. After drinking kombucha, it is important to drink the same amount of water, which will also improve the digestion process.

kombucha fungus


  1. Helps in Weight Loss

Here’s why the entire world and especially Hollywood stars are going “crazy” for this amazing fungus. It simple enhances the absorption of food, improves digestion and therefore it facilitates weight loss.

Many people are replacing sodas and coffee with kombucha, thereby reducing the calorie intake. It has been noticed that kombucha encourages weight gain for skinny or anorexic people.


  1. Increases energy levels

It is believed that this healthy fungus provides energy, because it contains valuable minerals, vitamins and what is most important, also helps at liver regeneration.

If you drink this natural tea after exercise or stress, you will surly revitalize your body in a natural and healthy way.


  1. Cleanse your liver

Kombucha contains gluconic acid, which cleanses the liver of heavy metals and toxins which we “consume” every day.

In our body this famous Japanese fungus converts into a powerful anti-fungal agent – caprylic acid. This acid is recommend by the nutritionists for the treatment of Candida.

Kombucha’s benefits for the liver are increased if you combine it with milk thistle.


  1. Strengthens immunity

Cleaner liver, better digestion and alleviated stress lead to a stronger immune system.

It increases resistance to viral and bacterial diseases.

The latest research confirms actually the positive effect of the Kombucha fungus in the process of cancer prevention.


  1. Makes skin youthful and heals eczema

For skin care, you can apply this fungus locally instead of drinking it. When you apply it to the skin it acts as an astringent and balances oily skin.

Wraps of kombucha tea help with eczema.


  1. Preserves hair health

There are many testimonials this Japanese fungus stimulates the growth and regeneration of hair and prevents gray hairs.

Rinsing your hair with kombucha tea is more effective than expensive salon products.

In addition to the above properties kombucha helps at: atherosclerosis, dizziness, dementia, gout, rheumatism, hemorrhoids and diabetes.


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