Problems with Sinus Infection And Headache?Release Yourself in 5 Days

Forget the drugs or chemical medication because these 2 natural ingredients will help you to beat the Sinus infection and Headache.

Cold, windy weather…Those people who have problems with inflammation of sinus suffer a lot in this period of the year. Headache is frequently consequence of the sinus infection and any medication hardly can help beat it! You feel nervous, cannon sleep and you think that your head will explode? Therefore, we suggest you to try very simple and cheap remedy made by yourself which will give effects in 5 days. The greatest allay in this battle is strong horseradish.

There is an old proverb:

“The radish is like a lead, the beetroot is like silver but the horseradish is like GOLD”.

Let’s prepare the remedy for Sinus Infection and Headache!

We recommend you to use fresh grated horseradish and pour with vinegar. Then put it in glass bottle and close it. Keep it like that for 10 days on room temperature and for time to time shake it. When this period is over, start to inhale from the top of the bottle for 5 minutes. Remove the cap from the bottle and make inhalation for 5 minutes. Put little liquid from the bottle on thin towel and during the night let it stay on forehead. This natural “therapy” lasts for 5 days (without making pause) which is enough for the influence of horseradish to release your spirit and beat the terrible headaches!

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Other solution is to grate 50 gr. Horseradish, put it in 5 dl water and leave it to boil. Then place the head over the pot, cover your head with towel and make inhalation. The steam will help you to relax and to fight against sinus or headache. This is maybe faster way but try to do both remedies. Then you will know which one suits more for you.


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