Do You Have Problem With Thyroid Gland? Old Russian Folk Remedy

Do you have Thyroid problem? If you suffer from disorders of the Of The Thyroid Gland , of the secretion of thyroid hormone, try the following folk recipe of the Russian medicine.

It is really easy to make and cheap! It does not cost nearly anything!
Many people nowadays suffer from disorders of the thyroid gland. The cause is usually a chronic autoimmune inflammation of the gland when it does not produce enough hormones.

Thyroid Gland

Hypothyroidism is the consequences of this condition. It can affect the health of the entire organism. The Russian folk medicine recommends the very simple recipe for all people who suffer from hypothyroidism. It contains only two ingredients.

Russian drops for hypothyroidism  

Pick 15 young pine cones in spring (size 3-5cm). Grind them as finely as you can. Then pour over them 50ml vodka or a quality homemade brandy. Let them soak in a closed jar for 10 days. Then slowly strain the liquid.

How to apply:
Three times a day drink 5 drops. The treatment should last 3 weeks.


How this recipe affect health and Thyroid Gland

We all know how healing properties and effects have various herbs, fruits and vegetables.  But evergreen trees also have the same power. in folk medicine people have always used pine for the treatment of respiratory organs and for the treatment of rheumatism, as well as in treatments of cough and respiratory diseases, including hypothyroidism.


Young pine cones, pPine needles, young growths, the bark and resin contain medicinal properties.  We use the needles fresh, because while drying they lose vitamin C, which the pine tree contains in large amounts.

We use the pine cones when young, with size of around 3-5 cm, because with their further maturation they lose all medicinal qualities. They actually receive woody structure.

Young cones contain essential oils, rich in vitamin C. They also contain number of antioxidants and healing aromatic resin. They have an alkaline effect as well. All this makes them a perfect ingredient of the powerful Russian recipe to improve the condition of hypothyroidism.



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