Probiotics Treat Asthma, Brain Fog and Prevent Fatty Liver

What kind of influence have probiotics to our general health? We all know that for food digestion the gut is responsible organ. Doctors, in the past, claimed that gut bacteria were responsible for breaking down foods. Now, they know that the healthy gut bacteria actually provide a lot of other benefits. Doctors also understand that they heal digestive disorders.


It is very important to improve the health of your bowels, liver, colon, and respiratory system in order to have a better digestive health. Probiotics can additionally improve mental clarity.

Let’s learn more about these benefits and why we should all start eating more probiotics.

How Probiotics Heal Digestive Disorders

  • Promote Better Colon Health

Most people follow a diet high in carbohydrates. Your digestive system will have difficulties metabolizing carbohydrates if your body is deficient in healthy gut bacteria. To prevent this issue, it is very important to maintain a healthy gut flora. In this way, you will be able to improve your overall colon health.

  • Prevent Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease is a common problem that affects many people. Doctors believe that including more probiotics in your diet can effectively prevent or treat this disease. They can reduce the duration of the disease and provide relief by reducing the amount of irritation caused by a fatty liver disease.

  • Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Common digestive disorder represents irritable bowel syndrome. By eliminating processed foods in your diet you can significantly reduce IBS symptoms. It is also very important to have a high fiber diet, include more probiotics foods and drink green juices.

  • Lose Weight

They help in process of losing weight. Doctors recommend their patients suffering from obesity to include probiotics because they actually have the ability to promote weight loss. Many people regularly consume sweeteners, which can reduce the healthy gut bacteria. On the other hand, probiotics can increase the healthy gut bacteria in your system.

  • Respiratory Disease

A frequent sore throat, asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders indicate gut flora imbalance. You should eliminate processed foods from your diet in order to reduce the symptoms. Try to include foods rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. You will significantly improve your condition by including more probiotics in your diet.

  • Reduce Brain Fog

Probiotics foods can promote better mental clarity and clear brain fog. Recent studies show that our gut is our second brain. When your gut is healthy then your brain is healthy as well. Moreover, probiotics can regulate neurological functions. You can clear your mind and focus better if you include more probiotics.

Adding Probiotics to Your Diet

Yogurt is a probiotic and it is a great choice. The bacteria don’t live long enough to repopulate the gut flora.

Kefir contains more than 20 different types of “stronger” bacteria.

Kimchi is another probiotic, made through the fermentation of radishes, cabbages and cucumbers. Make sure to consume more sauerkraut, sour pickles, Kombucha, tempeh, miso paste and sourdough bread.

One of the most beneficial probiotic foods is Sauerkraut. It has potent anti-inflammatory properties, treats various health problems and prevents the growth of cancer cells.



Source: NaturalCuresAndHomeRemedies

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