Press This Point on Your Foot and See What Can Happen [Video]

When we talk about healing our mind, body and spirit, there are different points in our body that we can press. Pressing one point is alternative remedy that can alleviate pain and can give natural balance to our body. We don’t have to use often expensive pharmaceutical remedies to heal some pain.
One form of alternative medicine is Acupressure. It is a key component of the ancient Chinese medicine. It actually involves a very simple act of applying pressure to different points on our body. Believe it or not, it makes wonders to alleviate the pains, aches, tension, and built up everyday stresses on our body.

Press This Point on Your Foot and See What Can Happen
Acupressure works by activating or stimulating thousands of nerves in our feet and hands and thereby increasing blood flow. The average human foot in fact has over 15,000 nerves. They are all inter-connected to form a huge network that reaches different areas of our body. It reaches our glands and main organs. The name of one such point is the Tai Chong or LV3 point. People know it for being very effective booster of full-body health. To locate it on the foot, you should go with your finger to the gap between the second toe and the big toe. Then move two-finger widths back from there. It’s a soft area so if you feel a hard bone, keep searching for it. Press down and for at least 2 minutes several times a day apply gentle pressure to this point.

This point helps to relieve:

1. Anxiety and Stress – According to WebMD, scientists made studies which suggest that the LV3 or Tai Chong point helps in fact to lessen the negative impacts of anxiety and depression. If you know how to press the point, it lowers the overall stress levels and instances of insomnia.
2. Digestion – You can eliminate Vomiting, nausea, hangovers, upset stomach and indigestion by massaging this point. Next time you ever happen to drink too much, take this simple step.
3. Pain Reliever – The LV3 point can alleviate back pain, abdominal pain, menstrual cramps, and headaches. Since the point is connected to the lower back and liver meridian, it’s also very helpful at relieving other sources of pain.
4. Fight Parkinson’s disease – According to Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation, “People have used Acupuncture point LV3 historically to treat tremors such as those related to Parkinson’s disease.” This actually shows how people have been using the point for thousands of years to improve people’s general health. Even today it could greatly impact modern diseases.
A lot of people have found that by using this simple acupressure technique at home, they can dramatically relieve pain and discomfort that common ailments can cause.
Do not hesitate to take this simple step tonight. If you find helpful, share this with your friends to help them find peace, comfort and to have better health!


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