After Playing With THIS Common Toy, The Boy Lost 75% of His Eyesight!

Common part of our childhood are bruises cuts and scrapes. Kids play with common toy. They are very curious and they constantly want to explore and play. It’s fun part of growing up process. But only within seconds the harmless playtime can unfortunately turn into something much more serious.

Common Toy

Using laser pointers to make the family pet run back and forth or to play pretend rocket ships looks so much fun. But one experience of a 8 year-old boy with laser pointers is true proof of the serious and unwilling damage they can cause.

Johnny Marshall was at his sister’s school fair when at one of the vendor booths he saw a laser pen. After some pleading and begging, his parents agreed and bought him this toy. He was playing all the time with his new toy when out of curiosity he shone it into his eyes. It is something that a lot of children can do. Within a second, he “took”a thermal burn and permanent damage to his retina.


The FDA’s Center for Radiological Health and Devices says that 3-5 milliwatt laser pointers are within the federal safety limit. Thus far, among those lasers, there have been no reports of eye damage. However, there are a lot of lasers that go above the federal safety limits. They simply pose a risk for everyone who comes in contact with these “toys”.

When it comes to laser pointers the UK has a different set of safety limits. “…it wouldn’t have done the damage if it had been within the UK regulations,” said Angela Marshall, Johnny’s mother . “But unfortunately, it was an imported toy, and therefore it was a class 3B laser. That is between 5 – 500 milliwatts.” These types of lasers, even from a distance, can easily cause damage to the eye within less then second. Serious damage of the eye can happen from up to 328 feet or 100 meters away.

laser pointer


Thankfully this little kid doesn’t experience pain but 75% of his vision is gone. For the rest of his life he’ll have the limit of 25% of his sight.

If you use this common toy, remember these seven important safety tips :

  1. Don’t use laser pointers without labels– Imported lasers typically have no labels. They can be more dangerous because they are higher-powered.
  2. Don’t point laser beams at eyes or faces– Laser beams can easily damage the retinas. Never point it at anyone’s eyes or
  3. Don’t point laser pointers at an aircraft– Even a lower-powered laser pointers , before fading out, can travel up to 2.2 miles. It is extremely hazardous to shine a pointer at an aircraft.
  4. Don’t point laser pointers at vehicles– They can cause blind spots or temporary blindness. Neverpoint a laser anywhere near automobiles .
  5. Don’t hold a laser beam on skin– if held in place, we can feel aA powerful laser pointer on the skin. It can cause a person to experience a burning sensation.
  6. Don’t point lasers at animals– It’s easy accidentally to shine the beam into the animal’s eyes. Never use this toy to “play” with animals.
  7. Don’t give this common toy to kids– Children simply don’t know or understand the dangers of laser pointers. The best solution is to keep them always away from kids.


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